How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Center? Who is Academic Hospital Istanbul Vita Hair Transplantation Center?

Awarded the best hair transplant of the year
Awarded the best hair transplant of the year

Recently, Turkey has been preferred by many countries of the world for hair transplant surgery. The cultural, historical and social opportunities of the city of Istanbul also play an important role.

In order for hair transplantation to result in a natural appearance, modern techniques and quality equipment should be used together. The reason why Istanbul is preferred more and more every day is that hair transplant centers in Istanbul have technical equipment and modern infrastructure. Academic Hospital Altunizade Istanbul Vita, which performs its operations at the hair transplant center, was selected as the best hair transplant center in 2021 and proved its success with many awards.

In order to have healthy hair, you should be careful when choosing the hospital where you will have hair transplantation. High success rate and affordable cost make IstanbulVita, the hair transplant center of Academic Hospital, stand out.

When choosing a hair transplant center in Istanbul, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Do not make your final decision without talking to the hair transplant center.
  • Examine the past operations of the hair transplant center.
  • Prioritize centers using personalized medical equipment and learn about the quality of medical equipment used.
  • Make sure that hair transplantation is performed by a specialist team and in the operating room environment.

The most important issue to consider when choosing a hair transplant center is the support provided to you before and after the surgery. Academic Hospital hair transplant Continuing its activities as a center, Istanbul Vita offers a personalized treatment program. Before and after the planned hair transplantation, people are informed at every step, and the question marks in the mind of the patient are eliminated. You will receive reliable service with a personalized treatment plan at Istanbul Vita Academic Hospital Altunizade hair transplant center.

Best Hair Planting Award of the Year

Istanbul Vita, with its 15 years of experience and professional staff, has achieved a great success by being selected as the best hair transplant center of 2021 in hair surgery. Continuing its operations in Academic Hospital Altunizade, Istanbul Vita carries its success in hair transplantation and plastic surgery to the international arena and has been providing hair treatment services to thousands of patients with the most advanced technologies for 15 years.

Academic Hospital Üsküdar is designed to meet all patient needs. Every detail has been considered so that patients and their families can stay comfortably in the hospital. Academic Hospital Uskudar always serves as a modern hospital. Hygiene is the first priority for Academic Hospital Üsküdar. Academic Hospital hair transplantation center always provides first-class service with a satisfaction-oriented service approach that cares about the opinions and wishes of the patients.

If you want to get information from our expert consultants, you can reach Istanbul Vita and get 22% discount on hair transplantation by using the promo code VITA10. (Promo code is limited by quota)

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