The First Test Fire of the ÇAKIR Missile Will Be Made by AKINCI

The First Test Shot of the CAKIR Missile Will Be Made From AKINCI
The First Test Fire of the ÇAKIR Missile Will Be Made by AKINCI

ROKETSAN General Manager Murat Second answered Hakan Çelik's questions in the 'Weekend' program on CNN TÜRK. ROKETSAN General Manager Murat Second made important statements about the work of national air defense systems in the program he attended. Indicating that Turkey has reached a very good point in this regard, second said,

“Actually, we need to talk a little bit about the concept of air defense. In a layered way, it refers to the system in which overlapping systems work together, just like a cabbage. When you bring all of these together, you get a layered air defense system. Each of them is one of the points that bring different technology. With the efforts of not only ROKETSAN, but all our companies, Turkey has reached a very good point. It has to be an open-ended structure on which you can always put talents.” made statements.

“ÇAKIR will be used from KIZILELMA”

Reminding that ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile entered the TAF inventory a short time ago and will be used against threats with a range of 220 km;

“ÇAKIR's first firing test will be held at AKINCI at the end of the year. It will also be used from KIZILELMA. Serious studies are also being carried out in marine vehicles. ÇAKIR will be used successfully as an anti-ship missile. The second mobile shore system comes to life. A much more serious capability will emerge.” used his statements.

Next generation cruise missile ÇAKIR

ROKETSAN's Cruise Missile ÇAKIR, which can be launched from land, sea and air platforms, will be a new power multiplier for the armed forces with its state-of-the-art features and effective warhead.

ÇAKIR, the new Cruise Missile that can be launched from fixed and rotary wing aircraft, TİHA/SİHA, SİDA, tactical wheeled land vehicles and surface platforms; It offers the user operationally wide alternatives against land and sea targets. With a range of over 150 kilometers, ÇAKIR's targets include surface targets, land and surface targets close to the shore, strategic land targets, area targets and caves.

ÇAKIR, which has a domestic and national KTJ-1750 turbojet engine developed by Kale R&D, thanks to the agility of its design; It can easily perform tasks involving three-dimensional turning points defined during mission planning. ÇAKIR offers high destruction capability against targets with its hit point selection on the target and its unique warhead.

With its advanced intermediate stage and terminal guidance systems, ÇAKIR is able to engage its targets with high precision in all weather conditions. Thanks to the network-based data-link, it also allows target change and task cancellation depending on user selection while advancing to the target. The most striking features of ÇAKIR are its design that allows multiple transports on the platform and its ability to perform tasks in the herd concept.

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