Swedish Cosmetic Brand Turns Endemic Plants Into Skin Serum

Swedish Cosmetics Brand Turns Endemic Plants Into Skin Serum
Swedish Cosmetic Brand Turns Endemic Plants Into Skin Serum

The harm caused by cosmetics and care products containing synthetic substances to both humans and nature increases the demand for products with clean ingredients, especially vegan. While consumers prefer brands that do not test on animals and produce herbal products, the Swedish cosmetics brand turns the region's endemic plants into skin care products.

The damages caused by cosmetics and care products containing synthetic substances on the skin lead consumers to buy herbal products. While many environmentally conscious people prefer brands that do not test on animals during production, the worldwide popularity of vegan products triggers the growth of the market. The report published by Vantage Market Research indicates that the vegan cosmetics market, which closed 2021 with $ 15,1 billion, will reach $ 2028 billion by 21,5. Recent research on the subject, based on the growth of the industry, draws attention to the high potential of the demand for cosmetic products with clean ingredients to turn into a global social trend in the near future.

Zeynep Alkan, Brand Manager of Swedish cosmetics company Celenes By Sweden, who considers that the main reason why vegan cosmetics and care products have become a trend is the increase in consumer awareness, made the following statement: We use it on our skin every day. However, chemicals in cosmetic products not only harm human health, but also cause irreversible damage in nature by mixing with water and soil.”

41 countries ban animal testing in cosmetic products

Stating that the increase in awareness of environmentally sensitive cosmetic products is driving the brands, Zeynep Alkan said, “Products produced using chemical substances are not only known for their harm to humans, but also adversely affect many living creatures in nature that are used as test subjects during the production phase. While 41 countries around the world prohibit the testing of cosmetic products on animals, many brands still continue this practice. That's why all our product lines with herbal and vegan clean ingredients not only focus on consumers, but also play an important role in raising social awareness about products that harm people and nature, by encouraging brands to environmentally friendly production."

Sweden's endemic plants turn into skincare serum

Saying that they produce cosmetics and care products with clean content using Sweden's endemic plants and pure thermal water, Celenes By Sweden Brand Manager Zeynep Alkan said, “We are inspired by the Scandinavian nature in our products that we produce with the Swedish result-oriented skin care principle. As with our newest skin care serum series, we continue to transform all our principles of sustainability into useful products. We use endemic plants of Sweden in our serum series consisting of 4 different products for the elimination of specific skin problems. In this way, we offer much more than the nutrients the skin needs. We promise users skin-repairing results.”

Supports the clean-ingredient cosmetics trend

Zeynep Alkan, who says that they have also launched their new series with their recent launch, said, “We solve many skin problems from dark circles to pores, from fine lines to acne scars. We are promoting sustainability with our products with clean ingredients and vegan certificates, which we produce after our intense R&D studies, in which we focus on the protection of human health and nature. With the motto of clean content and clean skin, we aim to expand our product range for consumers in the future.”

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