Choosing the Wrong Shoe Can Even Lead to a Learning Deficit

Wrong Shoe Choosing Can Even Lead to a Lack of Learning
Choosing the Wrong Shoe Can Even Lead to a Learning Deficit

With only a few days before the start of the new academic year, there is a busy shopping mall in the bazaar. While students are attracted to school products with high appeal, experts warn families to be careful while making their choices. Podologist Deniz Yahcı stated that since the feet of the little ones will be in the shoes for long hours during the school period, comfortable shoes that do not squeeze, tire their feet should be preferred, and pointed out that large size shoes should not be bought with the logic of "Let's Buy a Big Size, Wear It Next Year".

The 2022-2023 academic year begins on September 12. Preschoolers and their parents were in a shopping rush. From pens to notebooks, from bags to shoes, there are many points that families should pay attention to for the health of their students in school shopping. Experts state that parents should pay attention to their health rather than their visual appearance.

We Need to Get Away from the "Lights Up With Wear" Logic

Podologist Deniz Yahcı stated that parents should pay attention to many points while choosing shoes and said, “The comfort of shoes should be at the forefront rather than being fashionable. School-age children are in a period of rapid growth, so as the shoe sizes grow with the children, an increase of 6 size is usually observed every 1 months. For this reason, we should stay away from popular perceptions such as "Let's Buy a Big Size, Wear It Next Year", and "It Gets Bigger As You Wear It". The physical appearance and anatomy of the child is one of the main points that we should pay attention to during the selection. The choice should be made by taking into account the height, weight, sportive activities and, if any, foot problems (such as foot problems) of our children.” used the phrases.

Wrong Choice Brings Health Problems

Underlining that the wrong choice of shoes can have negative effects on children's health, Podolog Yahcı continued his words as follows: “The soles of the shoes should not slip, they should be made of flexible material, they should grasp the foot completely, breathe and should not sweat. Shoes made of non-breathable materials such as plastic and nylon threaten your child's foot health all day long. In overweight children, the soles of the shoes should be thick and non-curving. Wrongly chosen shoes may cause pain, fatigue, limitation of movement, calluses, ingrown nails and fungal problems in the feet of our children.

Learning Deficiency May Occur

The most common foot problems in children, foot diseases; introversion, outstripping, and flatfoot. If these problems are not treated, they may cause difficulty in wearing shoes, cause pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and even spinal cords, as well as negative effects on their development. These problems are; It can cause movement restriction, concentration impairment, and distraction. If the problem is not resolved because children cannot run and play comfortably and attention is directed to pain or sensation, it can go as far as learning deficit. This can cause psychological problems and even introversion in the child. For this reason, if we encounter even a few of these problems, we should definitely get professional support and have at least a gait analysis so that we can take the precaution of possible problems early.

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