Kavaklıdere Life Valley, Bringing Green and Sea together in Beylikdüzü, Has Been Opened

Kavaklıdere Life Valley, Bringing Green Sea to Beylikdüzü, Has Been Opened
Kavaklıdere Life Valley, Bringing Green and Sea together in Beylikdüzü, Has Been Opened

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlumade another election promise come true. The Life Valley project, initiated by İmamoğlu during his term as the district mayor, is spreading to many districts of Istanbul from east to west. Mayor İmamoğlu, who opened the Kavaklıdere Yaşam Vadisi, which brings the green belt together with the sea in Beylikdüzü, said, “We see the efforts of a handful of people to hinder, worsen and stop us. They are trying to convict us even with a ridiculous trial. They are blaming our country for law and justice, but they will not succeed. Because we have 16 million people, my compatriots from Istanbul, who follow us and internalize our work. In fact, this country has 86 million conscientious citizens, they will not succeed.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues to beautify the face of Istanbul. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe last stage of Beylikdüzü Life Valley, the first valley of life that he brought to Istanbul, was completed. Beylikdüzü was transformed into living spaces where the people of the region and all Istanbulites could benefit and breathe. Kavaklıdere Life Valley 3, 4, 5th stage, brought together the valley belt to the sea.

Kavaklıdere Life Valley, which has an area of ​​150 thousand 150 square meters, which is 4,5 km long and 301 thousand 700 square meters; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Beylikdüzü Mayor Mehmet Murat Çalık, IMM bureaucrats, political party representatives, headmen and Istanbul residents with the participation of the ceremony was opened.


Speaking at the ceremony, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluStating that it is a different happiness for people to be in their own home with their own running, he said that instead of concrete valleys, the era of Life Valleys has begun in Istanbul and that people's hopes for life are strengthened as empty spaces turn into green areas. Emphasizing that the residents of the district know very well how the Valley of Life has changed the life in Beylikdüzü, İmamoğlu said:

Im I would like to state that living here and reinforcing our dreams about Istanbul. These natural air corridors mean healthy generations of oxygen and healthy life. We have revealed this beautiful work by adding science and technique. I will tell you about the transformation in two ways. Where, with reason, logic; where to the other. In the first half of the 90s, a project called a pond was implemented by Emlak Konut. We were trying to go to that beautiful green area and look at the transformation here as soon as possible. When I became the Mayor of the District, we carved the first project and realized the Valley of Beylikdüzü Life. For 6 years, the right mind, technical mind, the mind thinking of the citizen, 6 years in such a period of 1,5 million square meters of green space we have given this city. We are about to finish Rıfat Ilgaz Street. It will also be from that section to Migros and the E5 extending arm of our valley of life. As we imagine, I enjoy the great pleasure as a young man who dreamed of 32 years old after 20 years. I say to the young people and children of this city. Imagine and work hard. Moral and fair. You must win and realize your dream. Just like we live today. In the pond project, another judge mind came into play. In cooperation with Başakşehir and the silent IMM of that period and the Emlak Konut of this period, that beautiful area turned into concrete. ”

Expressing that they are in an intense effort to realize 21 life valleys across Istanbul, from the shores of the Golden Horn to Silivri, from Pendik to Ayamamaya, from Çekmeköy to Baltalimanı, from Tuzla to Ortaköy, from Kurbağalıdere to many other projects, İmamoğlu said that the city's resources He noted that they allocate them to projects that will make 16 million people happy, not to nonsense works that will make a handful of people happy.


Emphasizing that there is a very determined administration and a very determined people in Istanbul and that this determination will bring this city to a very good transformation, İmamoğlu talked about the lawsuit process against him with the following words:

“We see a handful of people's efforts to worsen and stop us. They are trying to condemn us even with a ridiculous case. They pity the law and justice to our country. But they won't succeed. Because I am sure that I have 16 million people who watch us, follow us, understand and internalize the work we do. In fact, this country has 86 million conscientious citizens, they will not succeed. Honest people will continue to win in this country. I bought my strength and energy from you. I keep buying. I really thank you all my heart. "


Beylikdüzü Mayor Murat Çalık also stated that Istanbul has been handed over to concrete, especially in the last 20 years, with the concern of rent, and said that the projects used as a means of generating rent have detached public spaces from the public and weakened social life. Minister Ekrem İmamoğlu Underlining that the IMM administration under the chairmanship of the IMM is making an intense effort to reverse this situation, Çalık continued his words as follows:

“The Istanbul Vision 2050 work, which was recently shared with the public, is an important indicator of this effort and is an ideal roadmap for our city to have a more fair, green and livable future. We found a dream with our President of Ekrem in Beylikdüzü. This was the dream of strengthening the common life in our city and gaining joints to our city. In Beylikdüzü, we put this idea of ​​partnership in our focus on every project we realized. Fortunately, from 2019, not only Beylikdüzü, but Ekrem İmamoğlu Under its leadership, the entire Istanbul has gained this common understanding. The valley of life is not only a park, but a common living space that adds the feeling of energy, happiness and freedom to the life of Beylikdüzü people. The meeting place of young people is an exemplary oasis where Istanbulites breathe. We have brought 7 million 1 thousand square meters of green area to our city, which is 200 km long. I sincerely thank Ekrem President and his team. ”

After the speeches at the ceremony, Mayor İmamoğlu and Murat Çalık and other participants cut ribbons and opened Kavaklıdere Yaşam Vadisi. İmamoğlu and his entourage traveled to the valley with their golf carts and met with the citizens. sohbet and received a briefing from İSKİ officials about the work done. After the ceremony, Çal Group gave a concert with the concept of “For Nature”.

300 thousand square meters of new green area

The last stages of Yaşam Vadisi, whose 1st and 2nd stages were previously completed by the district municipality in Beylikdüzü, were also completed. In Beylikdüzü Kavaklıdere Life Valley, which has been realized with a length of 4 thousand 550 meters and an area of ​​​​301 thousand 700 square meters; There are squares where various social activities can be done, a library, reading areas, play tunnels, and barrier-free playgrounds for children. With the completion of all stages, Beylikdüzü Yaşam Vadisi has also met the sea.

Within the scope of the works carried out by İSKİ, primarily stream rehabilitation was carried out. 2.185 meters of wastewater and 3.975 meters of storm water channels were built. Thus, the wastewater mixed with the Marmara Sea was delivered to Ambarlı Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant.

There are green amphitheater, walking and bicycle path tracks, viewing terraces, picnic and resting areas, plant tunnels, pools, street workout parks, recycling park, art workshops and coastal viewing groups where many events can be held. All these efforts were bought for 500 million liras.


Thanks to the project, the dirty images that occurred around Kavaklıdere became history. It has been transformed into living spaces where the people of the region and all Istanbulites can benefit and breathe. İBB planned the construction of 21 life valleys across Istanbul. From June 2019 until today; Hacetderesi Yaşam Vadisi 1st Stage, Beylikdüzü Yaşam Vadisi 3rd 4th and 5th Stages, Golden Horn Coasts Green Corridor and Life Valley 1st Stage, Silivri Boğluca Life Valley 1st and 2nd Stages and Pendik Life Valley 1st Stage were completed and put into service . While the construction of 12 life valley projects is ongoing, the construction of 7 new valleys is planned.

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