International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival Labor Awards Given

International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival Labor Awards Given
International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival Labor Awards Given

At the opening night of the 29th International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, the "Orhan Kemal Emek Awards" were presented to their owners. In the night held at the Merkez Park Amphitheater with the presentation of Yetkin Dikinciler, the awards were given to the master of the theater, Zihni Göktay, actress, singer and make-up artist Suzan Kardeş, and Former President of the Cinema Workers' Union Zafer Ayden.


Adana Metropolitan Mayor and Festival Honorary President Zeydan Karalar took the floor at the opening of the important night and said that although he has been addressing communities for many years, he was excited when he spoke in front of the artists. President Zeydan Karalar, the Founder of the Republic of Turkey, Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, "Gentlemen! You can all be MPs, ministers, even the President of the Republic, but you cannot be an artist.


Greeting the artists attending the Orhan Kemal Emek Awards Ceremony, CHP Istanbul Provincial President Canan Kaftancıoğlu, DİSK Chairman Arzu Çerkezoğlu, Eşber Yağmurdereli, district mayors, provincial presidents, politicians, trade unionists, deputies, guests and Adana residents, President Zeydan Karalar said, “We are from art. We are in favor of democracy, human rights and labor. We are holding the International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, one of the most meaningful values ​​of Adana, the city of cinema, for the 29th time. We have been trying to organize the festival, which started in 1969 and was interrupted from time to time, for 3 years despite the pandemic, with enthusiasm and in a way that befits cinema, Adana, our artists and the cinema city of Adana. We commemorate our cinema artists, who we lost this year and in previous years, with mercy and respect.”


President Zeydan Karalar continued his words as follows: “It is of course not a coincidence that Adana is a city of cinema and that the Golden Boll Film Festival takes place in Adana. In our childhood, movies were played in summer cinemas in Adana. Adana's summer cinemas are famous. The films played in the summer cinemas of Adana, if they were successful, were popular all over Turkey. Adana had such a feature. It is possible to see this from the artists that Adana has trained. Even back then, it was clear that Adana would become a pioneering city in culture and art. Of course, we are proud that Adana is the city of culture, the city of art, the city of science, the city of civilization, the city of democracy, and that it is a Kemalist city that is loyal to Atatürk.”


Explaining that the Golden Boll is also the history of Adana and Turkey, President Zeydan Karalar said, “If we look back at the films shown in every festival, we read the history of our country. Every year this festival was held, it captured our lives with valuable films. Sometimes there was poverty, sometimes fertile lands, sometimes hope, sometimes despair in the frame. Sometimes labor fit into the frame, sometimes equality. Some people came, they pulled the deepest things, like love, out of the frame of life, but we stubbornly carried love to the screen. Some wanted the truth to be out of the frame. The cinema did not allow, it showed the truth. As a mayor, my duty is to see what is outside the frame and take it into the frame. We will be a country as long as we include those who suffer from poverty, inequality, injustice, violence, that is, those who do not want to be shown, and fight for them," he said.

Long live cinema, long live democracy, long live labor…

President Zeydan Karalar concluded his words as follows: “As Edip Cansever said in his beautiful poem; 'you can't laugh, laughing is laughing when a people is laughing.' We will be successful to the extent that we can take those who can't laugh and find a cure for their problems. Cinema guides us in this aspect as well. When we watch our selection of films this year, we will better understand where to look. When you think of the Golden Boll, the first thing that comes to mind in cinema is labor. We continue to reward those who work for our cinema. This year, we present the Labor Awards, which we have given on behalf of the very important value of our Adana, Orhan Kemal, to our very valuable artists Zihhi Göktay, Suzan Kardeş and Zafer Aydan. We cannot thank them enough for the effort they have given to our cinema and our art. At the end of my words, I would like to remind you of the words of our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk about cinema. Our Atatürk says: Cinema is such a discovery that; The day will come when it will be seen that the front of world civilization has changed rather than the discovery of gunpowder, electricity and continents. Cinema will ensure that people living at the farthest ends of the world get to know and love each other. The International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival is a part of this loving, humanity ideal. Long live those who work for this ideal, long live those who frame life, long live cinema, long live democracy, long live freedom, long live labor…”


Zeydan Karalar, Minister of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, presented the award to the master artist Zihni Göktay. While receiving his award, Göktay said, “I have received many awards, but this is the first time I have received an award from a film festival. I owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who knows my worth. Adana is a very important city for me. Not only with its kebab, citrus fruits and cotton; It is a very important city for me with its art, intellectuals, statesmen and artists. In 1964, I made my first tour to Adana. Kemaller is very important to me; Yaşar Kemal, Orhan Kemal, Mustafa Kemal… I thank you very much for this beautiful award.”


President Zeydan Karalar, who presented the award, expressed his feelings as follows: “Can't we kiss the hand of our precious artist? Adana and Adana residents will live their art authentically under all circumstances and will continue to stand by the art and the artist. We organize our festival without being influenced by anything, in an impartial way that befits art, artist and cinema. We will continue to do so.”


Another winner of the Orhan Kemal Emek Award, Suzan Kardeş, was presented the award by the poet-writer Ataol Behramoğlu and Orhan Kemal's son Işık Öğütçü. While Suzan Kardeş received her award; “I am happy to be here. Thank you to everyone who gave me this award and deemed it worthy. I want to say one more thing here. Please let's see our friends and masters who want to be on the sets for the love of their profession, who work in every field of cinema. They want to be seen on sets. Let the master write it on their back. This is my dream. All very important. Dear producers, let our masters be on the sets. Thank you for making me visible tonight. Because I don't want to disappear and I want to exist in the community." said.


Zafer Aydan, the ex-President of Sine Sen and who has been on the Board of Directors of the Cinema Workers' Union for 40 years, received his award from DİSK Chairman Arzu Çerkezoğlu. Ayden said, “On behalf of all cinema workers, I would like to thank everyone. I am receiving this award for the workers of the set who lost their lives on the set, on the way home from the set, for my brothers and sisters who lost their lives in work murder, and for our comrades who gave their lives for a humane struggle.”


Zuhal Olcay also took the stage at the night, where Çukurova Symphonic Project, under the direction of conductor Eray İnal, added color with their soundtracks. The surprise of the Zuhal Olcay concert, in which moviegoers accompanied their songs, was the "Luxury Life" operetta performed by Zihni Göktay and Olcay. The ceremony ended with enthusiastic applause from the audience, and the performers received a standing ovation.

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