6-Century Heritage 'Haydarhane Mosque' Reopened for Worship

Centennial Heritage Haydarhane Mosque Opened for Worship Again
6-Century Heritage 'Haydarhane Mosque' Reopened for Worship

IMM Heritage teams rebuilt the Haydarhane Mosque, dervish lodge and graveyard, which was built in the 15th century and whose traces were completely erased in the 1970s, after a full year of work. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHe performed the Friday prayer together with the citizens at Haydarhane Mosque, which was opened for worship half a century later. İmamoğlu said, “As we reveal these values, I think we will have given Istanbul its due. We will protect its heritage and treasures and present it to the future.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Cultural Heritage Department, within the scope of the "150 Projects in 150 Days" marathon, by Ali Haydar Dede, one of the adepts of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. He rebuilt the Haydarhane Mosque, which was built as a small mosque during the reign of Bayezid Khan, in its old place. The first Friday prayer was held in the 118-century-old mosque, the construction of which was completed in exactly one year with the restoration of a total of 1 graves in its graveyard and garden.


Performing the Friday prayer in the historical mosque in Fatih İskenderpaşa Mahallesi, İmamoğlu later met with Aysel Polatcan, one of the living members of Ali Haydar Dede, and his family. Stating that such areas are the treasure and spirituality of Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “The lady is the representative of the family here today. We actually met by chance today. It is also a coincidence that their children are people I knew well in the past. It is a separate coincidence that we have performed a service here today. He had intended it many times, saying 'I'll call and tell you this'… Maybe he said it, we heard it, our friends heard it," he said. Intervening with these words, Polatcan replied to İmamoğlu, "I didn't say it, you heard me". Imamoglu's response to Polatcan's words was, “No sir, you said it in your heart, we heard it too; how nice”.


Emphasizing that Haydarhane Mosque and its surroundings are one of the first important dervish lodges in Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, "By opening the mosque for worship in this region, and with the completion of a certain part of the dervish lodge here and this area with its new traces, we will in fact bring a historical process to the people of Istanbul. We've already earned most of it. These are layers of history. I just visited the area we prepared for service as 'Arkeopark' across the street. And that place will be offered to our citizens in September. We will be sharing information about both the archaeological excavation and the archaeological studies there. As we reveal these values ​​of Istanbul, I think we will give Istanbul its due. We will protect its heritage, its treasures and present it to the future. I would like to thank all my friends for their hard work,” he said.


Emphasizing that the emergence of such areas makes him very happy, İmamoğlu said, "As the mayor of this ancient city, this thousands of years old historical city, I have experienced a peace of mind and a peace of conscience. We will continue to protect this heritage, unearth the treasures of the city, and bring them together with today's world and people. So that our city's guests and tourists will increase even more. Let them stay even more days. Let them see what an insatiable world capital Istanbul is. May this service be auspicious for our Istanbul and Fatih.” The sentence that Polatcan coined after İmamoğlu's speech, "To say that this is love for Istanbul," sparked laughter.


Located in Saraçhane, at the intersection of Horhor Street and Kavalalı Street, at the junction of the street referred to as "Krma Tulumba" in historical sources, the building was also known as "Haydar Dede", "Alemdar Ali Haydar Dede", "Haydari Ali Dede" in the 15th century. It is reported from the relevant written sources that it was built as a masjid-tekke by the aforementioned Sheikh Ali Haydarî.

The building, which is one of the most important witnesses of its period with its lodge and graveyard; It has a special place in our cultural history with its deep memory and social life effect that leaves centuries behind. As the 20th century approached, the last traces of Haydarhâne Mosque, which started to lose its units and came to the point of extinction, were erased in the 1970s.

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