656 Years Manisa Great Mosque Opened for Worship After Restoration

Worship Opened After the Annual Manisa Ulu Mosque Restoration
656 Years Manisa Great Mosque Opened for Worship After Restoration

Manisa Great Mosque, one of the most important works of Saruhanoğulları Principality and built in 1366, was opened to worship after the restoration works started in 2018 by the General Directorate of Foundations.

Governor Yaşar Karadeniz, Manisa Deputies Murat Baybatur and İsmail Bilen, Manisa Celal Bayar University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ataç, Şehzadeler District Governor Cemal Hüsnü Çaykara, Foundations İzmir Regional Manager Reşit Akçalı, Şehzadeler Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director İbrahim Sudak and many citizens attended.

Governor Yaşar Karadeniz stated that the official opening of the Ulu Mosque was made by our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on 20 August 2022; “As of today, it has actually been opened to worship. As a result of 4 years of work, it was raised with an expenditure of over 6 million. It has been made in a way that our people can easily use and worship. In fact, it is our duty to protect these artifacts. Its restoration was carried out by our General Directorate of Foundations. Our Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities are also supported by the appropriations allocated for restoration works within the body of our Governor's Office, and restoration work is currently underway on many works of art. Some of them are Governor's Mansion, Fatih Tower, Fetih Masjid. There are also ongoing restoration works in our districts. These studies are also a part of the effort to support the great leap that Manisa has made in industry and agriculture in terms of tourism. May our mosque be good and lucky," he said.

Governor Karadeniz and the protocol members then examined the ongoing restoration works in certain parts of the Ulu Mosque.

Restoration works were started in 2018 by the General Directorate of Foundations in the mosque, which is shown as the most important and interesting mosque plan of the Principalities period and is one of the symbols of Manisa. In the mosque, where unauthorized additions were removed, ground surveys were carried out and its durability was measured. Cracks detected in walls checked with georadar were repaired. The damaged columns of the mosque, which lifted 1 tons of weight from the roof, were relieved.

The original minbar and doors of the mosque, which has a single minaret, were brought back to the mosque, which was made with the genuine kündekari technique and is one of the masterpieces of Turkish wood carving in the Principalities Period. 6 Million TL was spent for the Great Mosque, whose restoration was completed in accordance with its original form.

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