Why Didn't Home Care Salary Pay, When Will It Pay? How Much Is Home Care Salary?

Why Home Care Salary Didn't Go to Sleep When Will Home Care Salary How Many Liras Is It?
Why was the Home Care Salary not paid, when will it be? How much is the Home Care Salary?

August 15 home care salaries paid, when will they be paid? The answer to the question is among the questions questioned. The provinces with home care allowance, known as the economic support provided to disabled citizens and their families, have begun to be investigated. Inquiries are made for August payments of home care allowance paid every month. So, why did the home care salary not pay? August 15 home care salaries paid, when will they be paid?

The current list of home care salaries has not yet been clarified. Since the payments will be made on August 15 and the following days, the payment lists will start to become clear as of August 15.

Home Care Salary Inquiry How and Where?

You can inquire via SMS or e-Government system whether the home care pension payments are credited to your account.

Home care pension can be inquired on the “Disabled Home Care Payment Information Inquiry” page of e-Government, which allows us to perform many transactions in government offices online. Citizens registered in the system can make inquiries with their passwords and TR ID numbers.

How Much Is Home Care Salary?

Home care salary is among the aid money given by the state to the sick, elderly, disabled and citizens in need of care. It was a matter of curiosity how much the home care salary wages, which were 2706 liras, increased after the July interim increase to the minimum wage.

After the minimum wage increase, the home care salary fee, which was 2706 lira, became 3340 lira.

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