Ultrasonic Inspection on Rails: 'Iron Eye'

Ultrasonic Inspection Iron Eye on Rails
Ultrasonic Inspection 'Iron Eye' on Rails

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), which draws attention with its successful R&D studies by closely following the technological developments, also sets an example with the 'Iron Eye' developed by the engineers working in it. Developed by Turkish engineers to detect the damage on the rails, 'Iron Eye' detects even the thinnest cracks in the rails. Equipped with the latest technology system, 'Iron Eye' provides safe and secure driving for trains.

'Iron Eye' even detects cracks as well as capillaries by X-raying the rails. In this way, safe travel on railways is ensured. 'Iron Eye', which can also travel on land, has scanned and reported on the 7 thousand kilometers long railway until today.

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