Towards the End at Kula Emre Dam

Towards the End in Kula Emre Emre Dam
Towards the End at Kula Emre Dam

The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry works with all its might to promote modern irrigation in agriculture, to provide the highest benefit from agricultural lands through consolidation works, to deliver healthy and drinkable water to taps, and to protect settlements and agricultural lands against flood risks. It also protects every drop of water with its management approach.

Towards the end at Emre Dam

Emre Dam, which will be the 6th Dam of Manisa Kula, is rising rapidly. Explaining that they aim to complete the dam, whose body filling continues, by the end of the year, DSI General Manager Prof. Dr. Lütfi AKCA said that approximately 50% of the hull filling has been completed.

General Director of DSI Prof. Dr. Lütfi AKCA” Our work continues uninterruptedly at Emre Dam. In the construction, stripping excavations and bottom weir manufacturing have been completed so far. Body filling started. We have finished half of the 150 thousand m3 filling. The hull rose 17 meters from the foundation. Our goal is to complete the hull filling before the autumn months and to hold water in the dam by the end of the year," he said.

Emre Dam will hold 490 thousand m3 of water

The body of the dam, which will be built on İmam Stream near Emre village in Manisa's Kula district, was designed as a clay core rock fill type. The height of the hull from the foundation will be 39 meters. Emre Dam, which will have a water holding capacity of 490.000 m3, will provide lifeline to 1050 decares of land.

3 million 150 thousand lira more kazanwill bark

With the completion of the Emre Dam, the total piped-pressure irrigated area in Manisa Kula will increase to 17 thousand 270 decares. With the decrease in irrigation costs and the increase in product efficiency, the regional economy will be revived. Thanks to the Emre Dam, the producers of Kula are 2022 million 3 thousand liras more each year with the figures of 150. kazanwill ache.

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