Highest Performance Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Models at Wero Tech

The Highest Performance Robot Supurge and Vertical Supurge Models Wero Techte
Highest Performance Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Models at Wero Tech

📩 19/08/2022 15:55

robot vacuum cleaner and vertical broom models are considered as technological marvels that enable to change the way home, office and all kinds of living spaces are cleaned, due to their features to increase user comfort and facilitate the cleaning process. WeroTech As a leading brand that makes use of the latest technology, it includes robot vacuum cleaner and vertical vacuum cleaner models in its product range that attract attention with their high performance and ease of use.

Designed as compact devices, robot vacuum cleaner models have the best ability to clean under tables, beds and chairs in order to collect both dust and dirt. Robot vacuum cleaner models, which are designed to clean all kinds of living spaces both faster and better, are very advantageous in terms of ease of use. After each sweeping, the robot vacuum automatically empties the dust into the dust collection chamber. This eliminates the need to empty the dust container. The most important advantage of robot vacuums, which are futuristic devices, is that they require minimal human intervention.

Robot vacuums using obstacle and cliff sensors automatically navigate the gaps they need to clean. There are specially designed obstacle sensors on the bumper of robot vacuums. In this way, robot vacuum cleaner models can easily protect themselves from toys, chair and table legs, sofas and all kinds of obstacles they encounter, and there is no interruption in the cleaning process.

Since the obstacle sensors in the robot vacuum cleaner models are triggered, it has a structure that will be able to distance itself from the obstacles. In this context, during the cleaning process, the robot vacuums are programmed to rotate and move forward until they find a clear path. The direction in which the robot vacuum will continue its progress is determined by the place it comes into contact with. If the robot vacuum detects an obstacle on its left bumper, it tries to avoid this obstacle by moving to the right. Or vice versa.

Another piece of hardware that acts as a complete safety mechanism for robot vacuums is cliff sensors. Thanks to the cliff sensors, the robot vacuum cleaner realizes that it has come to areas such as the edge of the steps. Cliff sensors are located at the bottom of the cleaner. It allows measuring the distance between the floor and the cleaner by continuously sending infrared signals to the surface. If the signal does not return immediately, the robot vacuum will detect that it has reached the edge of the stairs or another area where there is a risk of falling.

Do You Know the Advantages of Using a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Owning a robot vacuum eliminates the need to spend too much time on the house cleaning process. Wero M8 Max does not miss any detail and focuses on perfect cleaning. Thus, it manages to do justice to every corner of cleanliness. Wero M8 Max 2700Pa is an advantageous product that stands out with its high suction power. Thanks to its high suction power, it cleans every corner by sweeping it deeply.

With the 5200 Mah battery, it is possible to do non-stop and uninterrupted cleaning. At the same time, the Wero M8 Max, which does not leave dust because it can sweep and mop at the same time, can start sweeping from the desired room so that any movement of the people living in the area it is cleaning is not hindered.

It is possible to program the Wero M8 Max in such a way that it does not get underfoot in the daily indoor routine. In addition, thanks to the room manager, it is possible to program individual rooms to be vacuumed once or twice.

If desired, it can be controlled via the Wero M8 Max Turkish App and can be recalled with a single button on the dust collector unit. Wero M8 Max knows 8 languages ​​including Turkish. In addition, virtual borders can be added to mark areas where the robot vacuum does not want to go.

The cleaning master of the sector, Wero M8 MAX has features compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa and can be controlled through these platforms. Also, the Wro M8 Max has carpet recognition. In this way, it automatically increases the traction power when the carpet starts to sweep. Wero M8 Max's rotating brush for carpets and hard floors is an effective tool for deep and thorough cleaning.

The Most Technological Way to Make Life Easier Wero M8 Max

Wero M8 Max has "Y" shaped mopping feature and 4 wet modes. While mopping and cleaning every corner, thanks to the Lidar system, it sees all kinds of objects and obstacles. Thanks to its ability to adjust its movements, it performs a detailed mapping process.

The Wero M8 Max can be easily operated, programmed and monitored using the Wero App, even when out of the house. In this way, when the cleaning process ends or robot vacuum cleaner It is possible to be notified when it is stuck anywhere.

Since the sound level is extremely low, it can be operated comfortably even in environments with sleeping babies. Wero M8 Max, a smart and rechargeable vacuum cleaner that completes wiping and sweeping on its own, is of key importance in making life easier. Among the functional features of the Wero M8 Max are wet wiping, remote control and map recording. The advantages it provides also mean time savings for users.

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