Summer Diarrhea Can Be Dangerous

Summer Diarrhea Can Be Dangerous
Summer Diarrhea Can Be Dangerous

Acıbadem International Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Kerim Cimm made important warnings, drawing attention to the fact that diarrhea that develops in summer should not be neglected.

Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Exit made the following warnings:

“Food spoils much more quickly in hot weather. At the beginning of these foods are foods that require more care, such as meat, chicken and fish. When such foods that we eat outside are left on the counter for a few hours, they can quickly deteriorate under the influence of hot weather. Microbes that cause infection can also reproduce rapidly in spoiled foods and cause diarrhea. Not paying enough attention to health and hygiene conditions is another important factor of diarrhea. For example, if the hands of the person preparing or serving the food are not clean and he or she has a disease, microbes can quickly infect the food. Again, consumption of dirty water and consumption of fruits and vegetables washed with this water are other factors that cause diarrhea in summer. In addition, contaminated water swallowed in pools and seas can also cause diarrhea.

Having watery stools at least 3 times a day is defined as 'diarrhea'. Diarrhea, which usually starts suddenly, can lead to rapid loss of water and electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and carbonate from the body. As a result, the body may become dehydrated and electrolyte imbalance may develop. Typical symptoms of diarrhea are abdominal pain that can reach suffocating dimensions and the need to go to the toilet together with a feeling of uneasiness in the abdomen, weakness with the feeling of moving in the intestines. Depending on the loss of fluid in the body, problems such as thirst, dry mouth and palpitations may develop. Since vomiting, fever, drowsiness and confusion are serious symptoms of diarrhea, it is very important to apply to a health institution when these complaints develop.” says.

Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Kerim Cimim warned that when diarrhea develops, it is necessary to pay attention to the decrease in tears, especially in children, and said, "We think it is a good thing that the child does not cry, but on the contrary, this may indicate serious fluid loss. Again, depending on the loss of fluid, symptoms such as dryness of the tongue and shrinkage of the skin may occur in children. If diarrhea continues, serious symptoms may be seen, leading to fever and then weight loss, which necessitates the insertion of serum.

The most important treatment for diarrhea is to replace the lost fluid. It is vital for the patient to take plenty of fluids during the treatment process. In addition to water, mineral waters and salty buttermilk can also provide many benefits, thanks to the vitamins and minerals they contain. If the cause of diarrhea is microbial, that is, caused by bacteria or viruses, appropriate treatment is started for these factors. First of all, the general condition of the patient is evaluated and it is determined whether there is a need for serum or antibiotics. Antibiotic therapy is used in bacterial diarrhea. It is of great importance in the treatment that the patient rest and regularly use the antibiotics and supportive drugs recommended by the physician. Probiotics, which have entered our lives in recent years, are also important supportive treatments for the non-permanence of diarrhea and the rapid recovery of the patient when taken regularly.

Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Kerim Çıkım states that we should pay attention to our diet as much as possible in order to prevent diarrhea during the summer months, and lists the precautions we should take as follows:

Make sure the food you eat out is healthy.

Due to the air temperature, the biggest problem is that the food is not stored in suitable conditions. It is very important that you consume foods that have been stored intact. Therefore, if a food looks like it is not clean and healthy or spoiled, do not eat it.

Consume water that you are sure is clean.

Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with clean water.

Get in the habit of washing your hands frequently with soapy water.

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