Pay Attention To This Sound From The Knee!

Pay Attention To This Sound Coming From The Knee
Pay Attention To This Sound From The Knee!

Anterior cruciate ligament tear is one of the most common knee injuries. This problem, which is usually seen in athletes, can occur especially in people who do sports unconsciously. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op.Dr.Hilmi Karadeniz gave important information about the subject.

The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the four most important ligaments providing stability in the knee and is the most injured ligament. The mechanism of injury occurs especially with the rotation of the knee. The person's foot remains fixed on the ground and the body rotates over the knee, causing the anterior cruciate ligament to be stretched and ruptured. Patients state that they hear a snapping sound from the knee during trauma. If the anterior cruciate ligament rupture is not treated, repetitive rotations in the knee, serious cartilage and ligament damage In addition, knee calcification may occur in later ages.

Post-traumatic in patients

Widespread pain in the knee and inability to continue the activity, swelling depending on the severity of the injury, difficulty in stopping and turning movements, a feeling of insecurity and a feeling of discharge in the knee.

The diagnosis of an anterior cruciate ligament tear begins with a detailed description of the way the injury occurs. This is followed by a careful examination. As a diagnostic tool, magnetic resonance (MRI) may be requested to view meniscal tears, lateral ligament tears, cartilage injuries and bone edema that may accompany anterior cruciate ligament tear.

Anterior cruciate ligament tear is not a self-healing ligament. Therefore, if left untreated, it causes complex meniscus tears, permanent damage to cartilage tissues and degenerative knee diseases, which we call arthrosis. If these damages occur, it causes the patient to undergo more severe and complicated surgery. Surgery may not be applied to patients who have no expectations, no feeling of insecurity and emptying in the knee and can use the knee comfortably. In individuals with an active lifestyle, the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injuries is surgery to prevent the progression of the knee to degenerative diseases.

It is an arthroscopic surgical treatment method that is applied closed by experienced physicians without the need for open surgery and lasts for an average of 1 hour, even in patients with a degenerative knee accompanying anterior cruciate ligament tear. .The graft to be used is preferably taken from the patient himself. Ligaments taken from a cadaver or synthetic materials can be used as grafts.

Advantages of Arthroscopic Surgery;

Op.Dr.Hilmi Karadeniz said, “Fast recovery time, less pain after the procedure, less tissue damage, less stitches, less hospital stay, lower risk of infection compared to open surgery because the surgery is performed in a closed position, it can only be applied to the sick tissues. It provides comfort for the patient because it allows intervention and because there is no incision in arthroscopic surgery, there is no fluffy bad image that can leave scars.

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