IMM Decided to Increase the Salaries of its Employees for the Second Time

IBB Decision to Increase Salaries of Employees for the Second Time
IMM Decided to Increase the Salaries of its Employees for the Second Time

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM); İSKİ announced that it has decided to increase wages for the second time this year due to high inflation for approximately 86 personnel working in IETT and its subsidiaries. Some of the İBB employees will receive their second wage increase, effective as of July, and some in September.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality made a written statement today regarding the second wage increase decision it has taken for its approximately 86 thousand personnel working in İSKİ, İETT and its subsidiaries.

It was stated in the statement that the hike decision was taken in order not to victimize the employees in the face of high inflation:

The negative economic conditions in our country are known to everyone. The high inflation, which has been going on for a while, unfortunately affects our employees negatively.

We have approximately 86 thousand colleagues in our İBB, İSKİ, İETT and Affiliate companies. While it was sufficient to adjust wages once a year during low inflation, the recent high inflation has unfortunately weakened the effect of the salary increases and made our employees suffer.

In accordance with our current Collective Bargaining Agreements, wage increases that we make once a year have become challenging for our employees. For this reason, it has become necessary to make an update in our wage management system. This need was shared mutually during the consultations we had with our relevant unions.

In this direction, apart from our colleagues whose Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations are still ongoing, and our civil servants and contracted civil servants;

  • To make adjustments to the basic gross wages in January for our employees, whose wages were increased in January, in a way that will be effective from July at the rate of inflation realized in the first 2022 months of 6,
  • To make adjustments in September to the basic gross wages of our employees, whose wages were increased in the March period, at the rate of inflation that will take place in the March-August period,
  • We have decided as a principle to increase wages every 2023 months by shaking hands with the relevant social partners in CBAs, until the annual inflation rate falls below 15% for 6 and beyond.

In this direction, we wish to come together with the relevant labor unions, with whom we verbally exchanged views and received positive feedback on our approach to the issue, to make additional protocols to our contracts and to implement them quickly.

We hope that our new wage management principles will make the lives of our colleagues who work hard for a fairer, more livable and more innovative Istanbul a little bit easier.

We will continue to work as the big İBB family with all our efforts for 16 million Istanbulites.

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