Cigli Tramway, Karşıyaka Merges With! Traffic Regulation on Cahar Dudayev Boulevard

Cigli Tram Line Merges with Karsiyaka Tram Line
Cigli Tram Line Karşıyaka Merges With Tram Line

Çiğli Tram Line, which is run by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka It merges with the Tram Line. Within the scope of the works that will last for 2 months in total, traffic arrangements were made on the Cahar Dudayev Boulevard.

Çiğli Tram Line, one of the important rail system projects of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka In order to provide its connection to the Tramway, action was taken to construct lines in the Karya Junction area of ​​Cahar Dudayev Boulevard. Two-stage temporary traffic regulation was implemented at the junction of Cahar Dudayev Boulevard with İzmir Ring Road in the productions to be carried out in 2 stages.

In this context, in accordance with the UKOME decision taken for the first stage productions, in the traffic regulation that will last for a month; From Izmir Ring Road, Cahar Dudayev Boulevard will become 2 lanes going to Mavişehir direction, and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard will become a single lane going to Izmir Ring Road. For the second stage productions, in accordance with the UKOME decision, which will continue for a month, going to the Cahar Dudayev Boulevard Mavişehir direction from the İzmir Ring Road will turn into 2 lanes, and from Cahar Dudayev Boulevard to the İzmir Ring Road will turn into 2 lanes. The arrangements, which will take a total of 2 months, started on 14 August 2022. After the completion of the productions, the old flow of traffic will be ensured.

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