Beze Group Shakes Hands with National Sailing Team Athlete Görkem Yalçınöz

Beze Group Sailing National Team Athlete Handshake With Gorkem Yalcinoz
Beze Group Shakes Hands with National Sailing Team Athlete Görkem Yalçınöz

Beze Group undertook all consultancy work in the fields of brand and marketing communication, media management, B2B and B2C for the application called Memories, which is owned entirely by Görkem Yalçınöz, a young software engineer and entrepreneur who graduated from McGill University in Canada.

Görkem Yalçınöz, a graduate of McGill University, one of the world's leading universities, where many scientists, media industry figures and artists, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are among its alumni, shook hands with Beze Group to conduct the communication consultancy for the application called Memories. .

Software Engineer, entrepreneur and mile sailor

Görkem Yalçınöz, a young entrepreneur and software engineer, who is also a Turkish National Sailing Team athlete, has completed the beta version of his application called Memories, and succeeded in making the first stage ready for use. Yalçınöz is one of the most respected universities in the world and among its alumni, apart from Justin Trudea, 2 prime ministers (Sir John Abbott and SirWilfridLaurier); director, actor and producer William Shatner; famous singer, poet Leonard Cohen; He graduated as a software engineer from McGill University, which has Nobel Prize-winning scientists in the field of science such as Willard Boyle, Rudolph Marcus, John O'Keefe. The 25-year-old entrepreneur started jotting down his software ideas while he was still studying. Later, he gave consultancy to some projects in the field of software. Yalçınöz says that the idea of ​​Memories started to develop for the first time in those days.

It is both the first application from Turkey to the world and a first in the world.

Memories, the first stage of which is ready to use, is a software suitable for both companies and individuals. In person-based usage, users will only communicate with the people or groups they want. Therefore, only those people will be able to see your posts. Another feature is that the stories do not disappear. Yalçınöz says, “This way, you will share the most important moments of your life not with everyone, but with the groups you choose,” and continues: “Today, brands want to create their own customer base. They don't want to reach everyone who doesn't have goals. In this context, with Memories, a bond of belonging can be established by sharing about the goals of brands in private areas. They will both be able to reach the right audience and each company will be able to create their own unique social media. They will be able to meet their memories whenever they want, both on an individual basis and on a brand or company basis.” Memories, which will bring the concepts of privacy and belonging to social media in real terms, will break a new ground in this sense. At the same time, it will have the feature of being the first application to spread from our country to the world.

Görkem Yalçınöz has also completed the start-up structure. Strengthening this structure with a team of 8 people, the young entrepreneur is now in search of new teammates. Memories will be implemented very soon and will take its place in our lives.

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