Haciemirogullari Principality History Unveils

Haciemirogullari Principality History Comes to the Sun
Haciemirogullari Principality History Unveils

Historical remains were found during the restoration works of the Eskipazar (Bayram Bey) Mosque, which was built between 1380-1390 during the Hacıemiroğulları Principality, the first settlement of Altınordu district of Ordu and the first principality to add the region to Turkish lands. Around the mosque, 600-year-old architectural remains that shed light on the Haciemiroğulları Principality and the building, which was determined to be a madrasah, were unearthed.

With the protocol signed between Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums, the team of 3 people, who started the excavation for 19 months in Eskipazar excavation, unearthed artifacts that will shed light on the history of Anatolia. Remains of a wall, which was determined to belong to a different structure independent of the mosque, and a building that was determined to be a madrasah in the cemetery area in the courtyard of the mosque were found in the region.

The region, where two historical baths were restored before, is thought to have been an education center 600 years ago with its historical mosque, baths and madrasah.

The restoration project was revised after revealing the architectural structures that emerged within the scope of the restoration. Restoration and archaeological excavation work will be carried out together.

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