UAV Races in Afyonkarahisar will end on August 14

UAV Races in Afyonkarahisar Will End in August
UAV Races in Afyonkarahisar will end on August 14

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank met with young people participating in the "International and High School Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Competition" organized by TUBITAK within the scope of TEKNOFEST (Aviation, Space and Technology Festival) continuing at Afyonkarahisar Motor Sports Center. Varank, who also visited the stands in the area, met with the students. sohbet He.

In his speech at the event area, Minister Varank said, “When we set out in 2018, technology competitions in which 14 thousand teams competed in only 5 different categories have turned into a great enthusiasm in which 40 thousand teams and 150 thousand students compete in 600 different categories. We are very happy with where we came from. We, our young brothers and high school friends, came here with the understanding of designing their own UAVs, forming their teams and working together with synergy. We are also really pleased that they are competing with their state-of-the-art products.” used his statements.


Varank emphasized that the young people who come to Afyonkarahisar will be the most successful engineers and technicians of Turkey in the coming years and they will write success stories in the future of the country in space and aviation.


Noting that the young people who come here will be the Selçuk Bayraktars of the future, Varank said, “In this sense, I would like to thank all my brothers. You gave importance to these works, took an interest and participated in these competitions with us. We are trying our best to put them at your service, whenever we can. Thousands of students came here from Turkey. We welcome and host them here. We provide technical and material support while preparing for the competition. Especially our companies and institutes are trying to make friends and mentors for you. You do field visits. All of these are to prepare you for the future and to make you a successful entrepreneur and professional in your field.” said.


Noting that these opportunities were not available in their period, Varank said, “There were great problems in accessing technology, let alone technology competitions. But we kept the TEKNOFEST fire in 2018. It has now turned into a huge torch. This fire we kindled triggered a great technological breakthrough in Turkey. You will write Turkey's future and success story. We can only help you here. You can see us as extras and yourself as the leading actor. You are the protagonist of this movie. Hopefully, we will do more good things with you.” he said.


Addressing the youth in the area where the High School UAV Races are held, Varank noted that the young people who will build Turkey's future are the youth of TEKNOFEST.


Stating that the TEKNOFEST generation will write the success story of Turkey, Varank said, “That TEKNOFEST generation is here right now. They race their UAVs, which they developed with their own efforts. We support them with our ministry, TÜBİTAK, T3 Foundation and many other organizations. Every penny we spend on our youth here, every effort we pour is halal. We are very pleased that we did these works. Young people are our source of pride. We wish you all success.” used his statements.

Governor Kübra Güran Yiğitbaşı, AK Party Afyonkarahisar Deputies Ali Özkaya, İbrahim Yurdunuseven, Mayor Mehmet Zeybek and President of TÜBİTAK Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal accompanied him.

The UAV races in Afyonkarahisar will end on August 14.

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