He Learned Supports While Being a Hairdresser, Became a Kiwi Producer

Kuaforken Learned Supports Becomes Kiwi Producer
He Learned Supports While Being a Hairdresser, Became a Kiwi Producer

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to expand agricultural activities throughout the province. The Metropolitan Municipality, which reduced the planting costs of the farmers and increased their income with the support it provided, also made the kiwi producers smile.

Kiwi production in Samsun is expanding with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality. The Department of Agricultural Services visits the producers, to whom it distributed 2021 kiwi saplings in 14, in their gardens. Agricultural engineers working in Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department, who visit the lands planted in the districts, also provide consultancy to the farmers.

Agricultural Engineer Hande Şahin, who visited the Kiwi Gardens, informed that they continue the controls without interruption. Hawk; “We provided support on an area of ​​285 decares. We inform our producers. Kiwi is a high income product. The feedback we get from the citizens is really nice. We do our best for them. We stand by our farmers in every field in line with the vision drawn by our President Mustafa Demir.”


Farmer Şeref Köse; “I learned about these supports while I was a hairdresser. I established a 20-acre kiwi orchard. I would not have been able to achieve this without the support of the Metropolitan, as the installation costs are very high. I can't thank our Metropolitan Municipality enough," he said.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has increased the cultivation of vegetables and fruits with the Project of Expanding Sustainable Agricultural Activities of Samsun Province, gives free seedlings, seeds, greenhouse plastic and fertilizer to those who are members of the Farmer Registration System (ÇKS).

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