Statement by İsmail Demir on the Joint Fighter Aircraft Project with the UK

Ismail Demirden Announcement About Joint Combat Aircraft Project With England
Statement by İsmail Demir on the Joint Fighter Aircraft Project with the UK

Participating in the Rocket Competition held in Tuz Gölü / Aksaray as part of TEKNOFEST, President of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made statements to CNN Turk. Speaking about the National Combat Aircraft (MMU), Demir stated that some systems will be activated before the National Combat Aircraft and they will create an important power multiplier.

Stating that the UK's cooperation within the scope of MMU would be limited to engineering, Demir said, “Cooperation with the UK at MMU included very little engineering support. The support process will end at one stage. It is necessary to talk about how to create a framework for the future. If the next thing is as we want, the process continues. We are not in need. Even if it doesn't. It would be better if it was within the framework of certain goodwill.” used his statements.

Talking about the possibility of a joint warplane project with England, Demir said, “No, they are very clear there. It was something we suggested 5 years ago. They said it wouldn't be very clear. If we don't have it, it doesn't exist, simple as that." said.

The Call for Proposals File for the MMU engine has been published

Making statements about the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) project, Demir stated that the Call for Proposals File (TÇD) was published for the engine of the MMU. In this context, Demir said, “We have published a Call for Proposals File (TÇD) for MMU's engine. We are waiting for an answer to this. TRMotor and TEI submitted their offers. TAEC (Kale + Rolls-Royce) will give today tomorrow. After reviewing these proposals, we will sit down at the table and draw up a roadmap. We look forward to the engines made in cooperation. Let's hope it happens. We are also trying to build our own capabilities.” had used the words.

MMU's first F110 engines delivered

Making a statement at the 9th Air and Avionics Systems Seminar, SSB Aircraft Department Head Abdurrahman Şeref CAN stated that the F110 engines to be used in the MMU prototype, which is planned to start ground tests next year, were delivered to Turkey by the USA. As reported by Savunmatr, 3 F-6 engines supplied in the first 110 MMU prototypes will be used.

Source: defenceturk

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