A First in the World! Water Mist System Applied to Rail System Line

A World's First Water Mist System Applied to the Rail System Line
A First in the World! Water Mist System Applied to Rail System Line

In the video shared by the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments on Twitter, it was announced that a system used in the subways in the world was implemented for the first time. In the sharing; “We have signed an application that is used for the first time in subways in the world. We applied the Water Mist System, which has been used on highways for the last 20 years, to the rail system line.

In the event of a possible fire, the Water Mist System, which works with high pressure water that traps the fire, will set an example to the world.” it was said.

What is a Water Mist System?

The system called Water Fog is a system that consists of a small amount of water. This environment ensures that people stay at a temperature not exceeding 30-40 degrees and are not affected by fire.

While it is known that there are similar applications on highways, it will be applied for the first time to the rail system, railway and metro sector. It is a high-pressure system that prevents the fire from spreading to another wagon and traps it.

Announcement system and cameras that tell what to do in the fire area have been added. Paths were created on both sides of the tunnel. With additional measures, a smart tunnel concept was created in the tunnel. In the center of the tunnel, there is water mist that will prevent the fire from going around with the high pressure that traps the fire.”

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