A-Live Platform, 3 Awards from Stevie Awards and 2 Awards from Brandon Hall Kazanwas!

Award from A Live Platform Stevie Awards and Brandon Hall Kazandi
A-Live Platform, 3 Awards from Stevie Awards and 2 Awards from Brandon Hall Kazanwas!

Projects developed by Arkas Academy for the institution continue to receive awards.  A-Live platform won three gold awards in 19 categories at the 2th Stevie. In addition, 30 gold and 1 silver award at the 1th Excellence Awards organized by Brandon Hall Group this year. kazanwas.

A-Live (Alive.arkas.com), which was created using human-centered design methodologies, was selected in the main categories of "International Business Awards" and "Best Employer Awards" in StevieAwards, where more than 60 institutions and managers from more than 3 countries competed. Received 800 gold awards. A-Live in the International Business Awards category Best Learning and Development Website s Best Learning and Development Mobile Platform/Applicationwon the gold award. The application made in the Best Employer Awards category is to A-Live,Best Social Interactive Learning Platform brought a gold award in the field.

Arkas Academy, which develops learning tools by positioning them on a common denominator between the needs of the employees and the business goals of the company, attaches great importance to supporting the entire learning experience of Arkas employees. A-Live enables the rapid interpersonal transfer of information when needed. This method, which has a strategic importance, facilitates social learning along with work. Arkas Academy, which creates a Newsfeed environment like in social networks, allows its employees to share content such as videos and articles related to their business areas or personal development, and to make comments and likes with this platform. This ensures the formation of a “learning and sharing organization” culture within the institution.

The internationally prestigious Stevie Awards have been in business since 2002. kazanIt is organized and given in order to reward the achievements and contributions of the organizations to the society and to announce them on international platforms. In the competition where different jury members take part every year, more than 200 world-class professional managers evaluate the award-winning institutions and their managers. Institutions competing in the worldwide organization; It is evaluated in many categories such as marketing, human resources, customer service, information systems, management and business performance. Arkas Academy has previously won 17 awards from the Stevie Awards with its different projects. kazanhad been.

Both Awards are from Brandon Hall…

The Excellence Awards organized by Brandon Hall Group, one of the most prestigious research and analysis companies in the world, also found their owners. Arkas Academy,“Most Advanced Learning Technology Award”in gold and “Best Social Interactive Learning Award”He also won the silver award. Brandon Hall, who has been providing consultancy services to corporate companies on educational technologies for 30 years, directs the education strategies of 10 thousand customers around the world. Brandon Hall is recognized as one of the world's most respected organizations in its field.

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