Unknown Benefits of Pickles

Unknown Benefits of Pickles
Unknown Benefits of Pickles

📩 04/03/2022 16:43

Cabbage, cauliflower, gherkin, beetroot and many more… Pickles, which are an important source of health as well as being delicious, are frequently on our tables all season. The most remarkable benefit of pickles is that it supports intestinal health. The probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria, and prebiotic fibers in its content enrich the intestinal flora, which means a strong immune system.

Due to this important effect, pickle consumption increased during the pandemic process. But beware! Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman, Nutrition and Dietetic Specialist of Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital, stated that when consumed in excess of sodium, on the contrary, pickles can cause serious health problems. Because consuming more than necessary; edema can cause stomach cancer, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases in the long term. Therefore, we should limit the pickle to one or two days a week and eat it sparingly,” he says. Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman, reminding that care must be taken to use non-rotten vegetables and fruits when making pickles, says, "While good bacteria grow in pickles during fermentation, harmful bacteria emanating from the rotten parts of vegetables or fruits can also multiply and negatively affect gut health and therefore the immune system." Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman talked about some of the benefits of pickles; made important suggestions and warnings!

Increases body resistance

Our immune system is closely related to our gut health. So much so that healthy intestines strengthen our body by supporting immune system cells. Thanks to the prebiotic effect fibers and probiotic friendly bacteria in the content of pickle, it can be effective in protecting our intestinal health and indirectly in overcoming seasonal diseases such as colds and flu.

It can prevent constipation

Vegetables and fruits used in pickles have a prebiotic effect because they contain high amounts of fiber. Prebiotic foods help increase the number of friendly bacteria in the gut. In addition, lactic acid bacteria are formed during the fermentation stage of pickles, which can positively affect intestinal health. In this way, constipation can be prevented by optimizing bowel movements. Add a small amount of pickles to your salads instead of salt to prevent constipation. In this way, you can both prevent constipation with high fiber intake and consume pickles in small amounts.

May protect against cancer

The fruits and vegetables used in pickles mostly contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman stated that although there are some vitamin losses when consumed in the form of pickles, these foods contribute positively to health with their mineral and antioxidant contents, adding, “Antioxidants in pickles can protect from cancer by destroying free radicals. It is possible to increase the variety of antioxidants by consuming many different vegetables such as beets, cabbage and carrots instead of a single pickle.”

Supports bone health

Vitamin K2 is synthesized by bacteria in the gut. If the intestinal flora is impaired, the synthesis of vitamin K2 decreases. Thanks to the good bacteria it contains, pickles can increase the synthesis of vitamin K2 by contributing to the healing of the flora. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman said, “Especially sauerkraut is very rich in vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 increases the deposition of calcium in bones and teeth, thus strengthening these tissues. At the same time, it prevents calcium from accumulating in the vein wall and causing calcification in the veins, thus indirectly protecting cardiovascular health.

Effective against anxiety and depression

Disruption of intestinal flora is associated with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Probiotics contribute to the maintenance of the normal microbial balance of the intestine; Thanks to these effects, it plays a role in the prevention of anxiety and depression. Consuming pickles positively affects mood by increasing the number of friendly bacteria in the gut, thanks to both its prebiotic content and its possible probiotic content.

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