They Will Create a World Brand in Auto Expertise Services

They Will Create a World Brand in Auto Expertise Services
They Will Create a World Brand in Auto Expertise Services

The automotive industry continues to step up abroad. The sector, which has increased its exports by about 2021% throughout 15, is also witnessing new moves abroad on the service side. The auto appraisal service developed in Turkey is expanding to international markets, starting from the Middle East.

Automotive, one of the locomotive sectors of our country, continues to step up abroad. According to the data released by the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), exports of the automotive industry increased by about 2021% throughout 15, reaching $29,3 billion. The share of the sector in the country's total exports reached 13,3% and ranked first. An important move in the sector, which has grown in international markets with a constantly increasing momentum on the production side, has also been made on the service side. OtoExperim, which offers a guaranteed auto appraisal report for second-hand vehicles, announced that it has shaken hands with Cihan Group, with which it started negotiations in November, for the Middle East market.

Our country's automotive industry is growing globally

Expressing that they will bring a new breath to the automotive industry by signing agreements to represent our country abroad, OtoExperim Chairman of the Board Orhan Ağca said, “50% of our global company AutoExperience; The bank was purchased by Cihan Group, which operates in the petroleum, food, construction, education and automotive sectors. As a result of the cooperation we have realized, we have determined the first stage investment budget of our project, which will solve the problems experienced in the second-hand vehicle trade around the world, as 10 million dollars. We will provide services with up-to-date infrastructure and business network in our international project by signing a first in the world by establishing it through Cihan Group.”

Employment opportunity for university students abroad!

Stating that they will create a wide employment network by cooperating with companies all over the world, OtoExperim Chairman of the Board Orhan Ağca said, “It is very important for us to support both the national economy and our young people who are studying in related departments by creating employment sources abroad, especially in this period when the pandemic conditions are still affecting. . Therefore, we will create a new employment network with our project, which includes Toyota dealers within the body of Cihan Group in terms of after-sales services. We will meet our need for employees from Turkey, especially with university students studying in the automotive technology department.”

They will create a world brand in auto expertise services

Cihan Group Automotive Group CEO Mustafa Bajger, who made a statement about the agreement that accelerated both the global and local automotive industry, said, “We have completed the acquisition of 50% shares of AutoExperience, the global company of OtoExperim. When OtoExperim's expertise is combined with the infrastructure of our Group, a very strong profile has emerged. We believe that together we can make OtoExperim, one of the leading brands of the automotive market in our country, the world's largest expert company. As Cihan Group, we will continue to be a pioneer in the Iraqi automotive industry, where we celebrate our 25th anniversary, and to localize the experiences in developed countries to Iraq.”

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