Ağrı Prepares to Become the Logistics Center of the Future

Ağrı Prepares to Become the Logistics Center of the Future
Ağrı Prepares to Become the Logistics Center of the Future

Ağrı Civil Society Platform, which is the largest non-governmental organization in Ağrı, visited the Governor of Ağrı, Dr. Osman Varol, and shared the problems and solution suggestions of Ağrı province. At the meeting, Governor Varol's vision of the future for Ağrı was appreciated.

In addition to the 36 components of the Platform, the Deputy Governor of Ağrı and the Director of Civil Society and Public Relations attended the meeting, which started with the presentation made by the Ağrı Civil Society Platform on the problems of Ağrı.

At the opening of the meeting, Platform Chairman Mehmet Salih Aydın, who stated that they are aware that all the problems of Ağrı cannot be solved by the Governor of Ağrı and that there are issues within the scope of local governments and central government, said, “We expressed Ağrı's demands to our President in 2019 under eight headings. Two of these were resolved, and the remaining six were on the state's agenda. Today, we are expressing these demands in the same way so that they can be included in the agenda of our state," he said.


Responding to the demands with great sincerity, Governor Varol stated that they had a great vision in Ağrı and said, “Ağrı is their gateway to the west, as the Iranian authorities say. With this awareness, we are starting work for a customs road between Dilucu Border Gate and Gürbulak Border Gate. When this road is completed, there will be a shortening of 85 kilometers between the two border gates. With the completion of this, we will establish a logistics base, a free trade center that includes the Sarısu Trade Center. All our feasibility for this is ready. We follow this issue meticulously as the state and politics. Gürbulak will be renewed. After the renovation, it will be the most important and most qualified customs gate of our country. We made a protocol with Iran regarding the commercial areas in the Sarısu region. He has done our duty. With their fulfillment, there will be a serious trade in that region," he said.


Governor Varol, who said that he knew the demands of the people of Ağrı about the railway, said, “The railway keeps its place on our agenda. We have designed our work on this subject. However, the construction of this road over Ağrı-Horasan turns out to be a very costly situation in our feasibility studies. We are planning this as a route that can provide a connection to Kars' Eastern Express via the Kağızman road. We will start the feasibility studies soon.”


Stating that some events in Ağrı have turned into urban legends and that non-governmental organizations should raise the public's awareness, Varol said, “We have heard that nearly ten thousand immigrants were given to Canada. I gave instructions to our friends, and we researched this issue meticulously. From Ağrı they go to Mexico and from there they pass to Canada. In the official records of our state, there are nearly 900 people from Ağrı who entered Mexico. Nearly 600 of them are residents of Ağrı. The rest are people from Ağrı who live or trade in other cities. We are in contact with the authorities there for these 600 of our fellow citizens. Turkish Associations are active so that our fellow citizens do not experience difficulties there. He authorized our friends in this regard. If there is any problem, please contact us. "said

Problems were expressed in many sectors such as Toki 3rd Stage, New Industrial Site, increase in flight flights, textile city employment, Karaköse thermal facilities, incentives for sugar beet. The meeting ended with the presentation of a plaque to Governor Varol.

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