Barrier-Free Taxi Overcomes Obstacles in Trabzon

Barrier-Free Taxi Overcomes Obstacles in Trabzon
Barrier-Free Taxi Overcomes Obstacles in Trabzon

📩 08/01/2022 12:10

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, who has set an example with his sensitivity towards the disabled since the day he took office, continues to touch hearts. Finally, the 'Accessible Taxi', which was provided within the scope of the grant program carried out by the Japanese Embassy and introduced today, was appreciated by all segments.

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, who said, "We must think about our disabled individuals first in all our projects," is putting the promised projects into practice one after another. The promotion ceremony of the handicapped transportation vehicle, worth 58 thousand dollars, provided within the scope of the grant program carried out by the Japanese Embassy, ​​was held in Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality today. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, Japanese Embassy Economy Department Diplomat Akifumi Doma in charge of the Grant Program for Local Projects, and Fatma İskan, Grant Program Advisor to Local Projects, disabled individuals and their families attended the presentation ceremony.


Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, in his speech at the introductory ceremony, said, “Today we are together on a beautiful occasion. We are putting our disabled vehicle into service for our disabled people, which we have provided with the support of the Japanese government, equipped and used as a taxi. We have been using it as a trial for a few months, but today it has officially started to serve. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have provided many different services for our disabled citizens. Our vehicle repair workshop for the disabled has been put into service. We implement all our projects with the understanding that our disabled people can make the most of it. We design our avenues and streets according to our disabled citizens.”


Stating that the pavements of the city have been expanded for disabled citizens, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We are trying to design our roads, parking lots and buildings in a way that our disabled brothers and sisters can use them in the best way possible. Our Barrier-Free Life Academy was another service for the disabled as the Metropolitan Municipality in the past period. Today, thanks to the Japanese Government, a grant of 58 thousand dollars was provided to us. In this context, we bought this vehicle and dressed it. It was a nice vehicle with the capacity to carry 2 disabled citizens at the same time, with more than 10 seats in it. Our disabled citizens who want to go to the hospital, official institutions or other places can apply by applying to our TİKOM center via the Alo 153 line. We will transport our disabled brothers and sisters to their desired destinations safely and comfortably, together with the driver and the accompanying person we will employ. This is a beginning. We plan to increase the number of these vehicles according to demand and need. I hope it will be good for our disabled citizens living in our city," he said.


Akifumi Doma, Diplomat in charge of the Local Projects Grant Program of the Japanese Embassy Economy Department, said, “This project was carried out within the framework of the aid created by the Japanese Embassy, ​​which aims to respond quickly and meticulously to the needs of the region in cooperation with various organizations operating at the local level. A project application has been made from Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality to our government, which aims to enable disabled people living in the region to access health services more easily. We accepted this application and provided support for the provision of transportation vehicles for disabled individuals. I fully believe that in the upcoming period, with the use of the vehicle provided, the problem of citizens who have had difficulties in accessing health services will be resolved and the health environment of your region will improve significantly. On the occasion of this project, I hope that the friendship relations between Japan and Turkey will deepen in the upcoming period.”

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