Revolution Martyr Kubilay and His Friends Commemorated in Menemen

Revolution Martyr Kubilay and His Friends Commemorated in Menemen
Revolution Martyr Kubilay and His Friends Commemorated in Menemen

Ensign Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay, who was murdered by anti-Republican forces 91 years ago in the Menemen district of Izmir, and two revolution martyrs were commemorated with a ceremony attended by thousands of citizens. Speaking at the ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “Goodness defeats evil, right and wrong, science over ignorance. We should definitely increase goodness, truth and science. As we carry the virtues and values ​​of our republic into a new century, we have to protect each other more strongly.”

Ensign Mustafa Fehmi Kubilay, Bekçi Hasan and Bekçi Şevki, who were murdered by the anti-Republican forces in the bloody uprising 91 years ago in İzmir's Menemen district, were commemorated once again with a ceremony attended by thousands of citizens. The commemoration activities started at 08.00:XNUMX with the “Martyr Ensign Kubilay Road Race”. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, Aegean Army Deputy Commander Brigadier General Kadircan Kottas, Menemen District Governor Fatih Yılmaz, Deputy Mayor of Menemen Municipality Aydın Pehlivan, Martyr Ensign Kubilay's family members and many citizens attended the ceremony held in Yıldıztepe Martyrdom. The commemoration ceremony ended with carnations on the graves of the martyrs in Yıldıztepe Martyrs' Cemetery after the respectful stance of the soldiers and the National Anthem.

“They shielded their bodies without blinking”

Speaking at the commemoration ceremony, Menemen District Governor Fatih Yılmaz stated that they commemorated Kubilay and his friends, who were brutally murdered by a blackened community, with gratitude and gratitude, and said, "Martyr Second Lieutenant Kubilay and his friends have shielded their bodies without blinking at this dark understanding that dared to insult our Republic."

“He gave his neck, he did not bow down”

On behalf of the Turkish Armed Forces, Artillery Lieutenant Selçuk Şen said, “The martyr of the revolution, Kubilay, gave his neck to protect the Republic and Atatürk, but he did not bow down. Our hero martyr Kubilay is a symbol of many values, a set of values ​​for us. Being Kublai means patriotism, not compromising Atatürk's principles and reforms. To be Kublai is to choose light instead of darkness, scientificity and rationality over dogmas," he said.

Thousands of people marched

The commemoration program of Martyr Asteğmen Kubilay and his friends continued with the “Democracy and Secularism March” organized by the Atatürkist Thought Association (ADD) Menemen Branch. The participants gathered in front of the Menemen station of İZBAN and walked from here to the Kubilay Monument. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, ADD Chairman Hüsnü Bozkurt, CHP İzmir deputies and mayors and many citizens participated in the march.

“We must take care of each other”

Speaking after the march, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer reminded that there was a heinous attack 91 years ago. Expressing that that attack brought everyone here today, President Soyer said, “We know very well that; For 91 years, there has never been an end to the offensive against the Republic. Again, we know very well that; Good defeats evil, right and wrong, science ignorance. It is true, but maybe we get complacent with the comfort of this information. Therefore, we must increase the goodness. We must reproduce the truth. We must increase science. In other words, if we are going to fight against ignorance, if we are to fight those who attack the values ​​of the Republic, we have to multiply. We have to increase the solidarity between us and stand shoulder to shoulder more. As we carry the virtues and values ​​of the Republic to a new century, we have to protect each other more strongly. We kazanwe will. Kazan"The only way we can survive is to take care of each other," he said.

“Our reason for existence is to keep the Republic alive”

Speaking after the march that ended at the Kubilay Monument, ADD Chairman Hüsnü Bozkurt thanked those who came to commemorate the revolutionary martyr Kubilay and said: “Words have been in our mouths like broken glass for years. We are silent, it hurts, we talk, we bleed. They opposed reactionism, bigotry, and black ignorance that wanted to bring society back, only with their rifles. His heart was filled with patriotism. The religious bigots who are in front of you, hold grudges. They injured, fell to the ground, caught, cut off his head. We are fighting to ensure that this does not happen again. ADD is the embodiment of the determination and determination to keep the enlightenment revolution, that rooted Republic, for which the Kublai died. This is our reason for being.”

“They wrote this history”

CHP Menemen District Chairman Ömer Güney said, “Kubilay and his friends were massacred by bigotry. But they left an extraordinary mark that has survived to this day. Even though that black history seems like a history written by treason, hostility to the Republic and bigotry, it is actually the opposite. This history was written by Kubilay and those who risked their lives with him.”

Prizes awarded to the winners

Nearly two hundred athletes participated in the "Martyr Ensign Kubilay Road Race", which was organized for the fifteenth time this year by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as part of the commemoration of Martyr Ensign Kubilay. Murat Emektar came first, Hakan Çoban came second and Ahmet Mutlu third in the "Grand Men" category of the 10 km race between Menemen Karaağaç Road and Yıldıztepe Martyrdom Kubilay Monument. The winners in this category received their medals from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer. Burcu Subatan, who competed in the category of "Older Women", finished first, Özlem Alici second and Sümeyye Erol third. Aegean Army Deputy Commander Brigadier General Kadircan Kottas awarded the champions their medals. Embiya Yazıcı, who competed in the "Young Men" category and came first, and Erkan Taç and Azad Gövercin, the second, received their medals from Aydın Pehlivan, the Deputy Mayor of Menemen Municipality. Hatice Yıldırım, who completed the competition as the winner of the “Young Women”, Elif Poyraz who finished second, and Serra Sude Kökduman, who finished third, presented their medals to Kemal Kubilay, from the family of Martyr Second Lieutenant Kubilay.

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