Sports That Are Good for the Heart and Tires the Heart

Sports that are good for the heart and tire the heart
Sports that are good for the heart and tire the heart

Cardiology Specialist Dr. Murat Şener gave information about the subject. There is a direct proportion between heart health and happiness. If you are happy, your heart will be healthier. Our heart flutters when we are overjoyed or excited. When we are sad, we feel a spasm in our hearts. Our heart health is affected by all these emotions.

Sadness or stress causes an increase in bad hormones in our body that we do not want. The excess of these hormones also causes the emergence of some heart-related diseases.

When our body secretes hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, which are happiness hormones, the risk of getting sick decreases.

Sports That Are Good for the Heart and Tires the Heart

For heart health, we recommend regular sports with multiple repetitions and fast movements. These are running, swimming, sports called cardio in gyms. Cardio-style sports are recommended regularly for patients with atherosclerosis or high blood pressure. A healthy diet and regular exercise are important for the heart.

Sports like bodybuilding are mostly not recommended. This is because, for example, straining while lifting a weight can cause an aorta to dilate or rupture in someone with high blood pressure. The sudden increase in pressure in the chest and abdomen to high levels also causes side effects.

Various symptoms occur before a heart attack occurs. If these symptoms are considered without ignoring them and the necessary examinations are made, the risk of developing a heart attack will be reduced.

For example, it has been observed that various symptoms are ignored in patients who have had a heart attack while doing sports.

In the symptoms of a heart attack, difficulties begin first when climbing uphill or climbing stairs. Pain in the chest is in the form of pressure or tightness. After a while, the same complaints begin to occur while walking on the flat road. When people with a family history of cardiovascular disease take a break from sports and want to start again, they should definitely undergo an examination by a cardiologist. ECG and exercise test are performed to obtain information about heart health.

A heart attack is damage to the heart muscles due to atherosclerosis. In children, this situation is observed as a rhythm disorder rather than a heart attack. For this reason, it is emphasized whether there is a rhythm disorder in children who want to start sports.

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