Don't Worry That My Milk Is Not Enough For My Baby! Here are Suggestions to Increase Breast Milk

Don't worry if my milk is not enough for the baby, here are some suggestions to increase breast milk
Don't worry if my milk is not enough for the baby, here are some suggestions to increase breast milk

📩 04/10/2021 11:39

“Isn't my milk enough!”, “Will my baby starve!”, “I wonder if I have enough milk?”… These and similar questions are among the most frequently expressed concerns of new mothers. Mothers who do not want to deprive their babies of the unique breast milk can sometimes fall into unnecessary despair. Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Pediatrics Specialist Dr. Demet Matben “Breast milk is the most precious gift you can give your baby. From the first moment you hold your baby in your arms, breast milk contains all the protective and strengthening elements necessary for its physical, spiritual and emotional development and immunity. Breastfeeding is the main factor in the formation and strengthening of the bond between mother and baby. There is no need to worry about saying 'I don't have enough milk'. Because it is often possible to both increase breast milk and improve the quality of breast milk.” says. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Demet Matben gave 8 golden tips for abundant and high quality breast milk, gave important warnings and suggestions against mistakes made in breastfeeding.

Breastfeed your baby often

Breastfeed your baby within half an hour of birth. Do not fix breastfeeding at certain time intervals, on the contrary, breastfeed whenever the baby wants. But don't neglect breastfeeding by saying 'my baby is sleeping' or 'he doesn't want to suckle'. Breastfeeding intervals in the newborn period should not be more than three hours.

Breastfeed from both breasts

Feed your baby from both breasts. One-sided breastfeeding causes a decrease in milk on the other side over time. Emptying the breasts by breastfeeding increases milk production. Emptying the breast, which is not sucked by the baby or after feeding, especially with a pump, also provides an increase in milk.

learn to control stress

Adapting to a life with a baby may not be easy for some at first, but stay away from stress as much as possible. Learn to manage stress, as little stress can be helpful in guarding against danger, while too much stress can harm both you and your baby. Breastfeed your baby in a peaceful and calm environment, listening to music that you enjoy while breastfeeding.

Breastfeed with the right technique

During breastfeeding, make sure that your baby's mouth is open and that he or she is sucking, especially by taking the brown part of the breast called areola into his mouth. It is an improper breastfeeding method if you feel pain during breastfeeding, the baby smacks his mouth or just takes the nipple in his mouth. These mistakes can cause the baby not to be fed enough, milk accumulation in the breast, and mastitis. In addition, making a scissors motion to the breast so that milk comes in while breastfeeding can cause clogging of your milk ducts. You should breastfeed by gently squeezing your breast so that the letter C is formed from the top and bottom.

don't be sleep deprived

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Demet Matben “Scientific studies have shown that one of the most important factors that increase breast milk; It turns out that the mother is getting good sleep. Especially in the newborn period, it may not be possible for the mother to get enough and quality sleep, but take time to sleep and rest whenever possible.” says.

Drink plenty of water

Consume at least 8 glasses of water a day, especially after breastfeeding, and meet your fluid needs. You can also consume milk-enhancing drinks, provided that your doctor recommends it. In order to increase your milk, do not unconsciously use supplements sold under the name of 'herbal' without the knowledge of the doctor. Because it can harm both you and your baby by passing through breast milk.

Eat healthy and regularly

Organize your meals with balanced and healthy foods; Eat three main meals and three snacks. Vegetable and animal proteins, legumes, seasonal fruits and vegetables, foods containing calcium and folic acid must be included in your diet and consumed in a balanced and sufficient amount. Sugary foods do not contribute to milk increase, you can get sugar by eating a certain amount of daily fruits and dried fruits. For this reason, do not make the mistake of consuming sugary foods or ready-made sugary drinks in order to increase your milk. Do not diet and exercise excessively while breastfeeding. A light walk will suffice for your daily activity.

Breastfeed or pump at night

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Demet Matben “Do not rush while breastfeeding your baby, act calmly. Since the hormone prolactin, which stimulates the secretion of milk from the mammary glands, is secreted more at night, breastfeeding at night or pumping milk at night helps to increase your milk.” says.

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