IFS Continues to Offer Its 40 Years of Experience in the Defense Industry to Companies in Turkey

ifs continues to present its annual experience in the defense industry to companies in Turkey
ifs continues to present its annual experience in the defense industry to companies in Turkey

📩 07/07/2021 12:51

IFS continues to offer its worldwide experience and expertise in the defense industry to companies in Turkey.
As one of the leading companies in the field of corporate business applications (ERP/FSM/EAM), IFS continues to transfer its long years of experience and expertise to companies serving in the defense industry, which is of great importance for the Turkish economy.

IFS, the first of which is defense and aerospace; It provides services in 5 main sectors such as manufacturing, project-based industries, facilities and equipment management-intensive industries, and field service and service. With 40 years of experience, IFS Turkey is named as one of the leading business practices in this sector by independent research firms such as Gartner and IDC.

IFS provides sector-specific Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Corporate Asset Management (EAM) to meet the needs of the armed forces, defense industry manufacturers and companies that provide operational services to the defense industry, such as the maintenance, repair, up-to-date and operational readiness of scattered and large numbers of weapons and ammunition. It offers Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Differentiating with its project-based solutions, IFS; It offers end-to-end PLM solutions that the industry needs most, by meeting the different needs of manufacturers operating in the fields of bespoke design and manufacturing. These solutions support the entire product lifecycle (PLM), from the design of a product to prototype manufacturing, from mass production to after-sales service and warranty.

Leading companies in their fields such as BAE Systems, US Air Force, US Navy, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, British Air and Naval Forces, SAAB, Rolls-Royce, which IFS added to its references around the world, carry out all their processes with IFS in an end-to-end integrated manner.

Stating that they mainly focus on 5 sectors as IFS, IFS Turkey CEO Ergin Öztürk underlined that the defense industry is one of the industries that they attach the most importance to and continued his words as follows: “Because the defense industry requires quality requirements, certifications, security and project-based studies. It is a very different industry from other industries. As IFS, we are not only an organization that offers corporate business applications, but also a company that has realized very successful projects with hundreds or even thousands of brands in this sector and has serious knowledge. We provide all the requirements of the defense and aerospace industry and have been one of the world's leading companies in this field for more than 40 years.”

Supports local designs and productions

The defense and aerospace sector is of great importance for Turkey and has a serious potential. IFS Turkey continues to offer its worldwide experience and expertise to companies in Turkey in order to utilize this potential and to support companies in their orientation to the defense and aerospace sector. It supports the emphasis on domestic design and production in the defense industry, and strategic studies in this field.

Stating that they are ready to share all the experience and expertise they have gained so far in the defense and aerospace sector, Öztürk said, “We are a country with a great potential in terms of production and design. It is very important for the future of our country as well as for the economy of our country that powerful companies operating in different sectors turn to the field of defense and aviation and reveal this potential. We think that the use of appropriate solutions, taking into account the unique dynamics of the defense industry, will have an accelerating effect on the digital transformation of companies. With over 40 years of experience, we continue to play a very important role at this point. We believe that this experience will give a great impetus to companies operating in the defense industry or planning to invest in this sector. We have been transferring our knowledge in the field of defense industry to companies in our country for years and we will continue to do so. There are very successful examples of this knowledge sharing. Today, we work with more than 40 defense industry companies. Among them, we can count companies such as FNSS, Havelsan Teknoloji Radar, Küçükpazarlı, SDT, CES, TR Mekatronik, Dearsan, Sefine, ADİK. The defense industry, like the automotive industry, has a great potential for exporting products and services abroad. We believe that our global structure will significantly benefit the logistics and production facilities to be established.” said. “For example, Turkey's first warship was built at Dearsan Shipyard, and all operations, from planning to production, were carried out with IFS during the construction process of this ship. Similarly, FNSS, which realizes Turkey's largest export in the field of defense industry at once, has been managing all its processes with IFS since 2006. ADİK Shipyard, which has an important place in the Turkish defense industry, also uses IFS from end to end. We currently have a consultancy team based in Ankara and we are planning to open an office in Ankara in the near future. We integrate leading-edge technologies into our solutions.” He continued in his words.

Investments in the Defense Industry

As IFS, we not only provide our customers with competencies, but also make new investments, focus on new technologies and develop our products in order to maintain our leadership in our own field. We are among the pioneers of the new world order in terms of both technology usage and customer approach. IFS responds to the needs of the industry with its “simplicity”, “easy installation”, “easy use”, “very fast return on investment”, “high efficiency” and “innovative up-to-date” features. Our investments in innovative technologies such as cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, data analytics, blockchain, augmented reality and mobility will continue. We will continue to offer easy and truly applicable products, not traditional practices and concepts, by exceeding the standards of our industry.

We develop our solutions for the defense industry in our R&D centers in the USA and England.

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