IMM Cup Jumping Competition Completed

ibb cup jumping competition completed
ibb cup jumping competition completed

The winner of the trophy was determined in the Jumping Competitions organized on behalf of IMM. Burak Azak came first in the competition held at the Istanbul Equestrian Sports Club (IASK). Murat Yazıcı, the Deputy Secretary General of the IMM, presented the cup to Azak.

This weekend, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Cup excitement was experienced in show jumping, which is one of the important branches of equestrianism. 180 riders from all over Turkey participated in the organization organized in cooperation with IMM Youth and Sports Directorate and IASK. The event, which is included in the 2021 activity calendar of the Turkish Equestrian Federation, started with the IASK Cup Competition.

IMM'S Equestrian Constables Added Color to the Event

In the competitions where the cup competition was held on behalf of Sarıyer Municipality, the riders jumped 80 cm, 100 cm, 125 cm and 140 cm obstacles. IASK Mounted Gymnastics Athletes made a mini show in the event area where IMM Mounted Police Units were also present.


IMM Cup Jumping Race of the organization, which hosted 4 different competitions throughout the day, witnessed great excitement. In the race, which was run with obstacles at a height of 140 cm, the riders first competed to stay on the dam. After the race with 24 riders on the first course, 10 riders who passed the course within the specified time and without any mistakes, fought for the cup. IMM Deputy Secretary General Murat Yazıcı, CHP Istanbul Deputy Gökhan Zeybek, CHP Provincial Deputy Chairman Ali Kargidanoğlu, İBB Youth and Sports Director İlker Öztürk to watch the IMM Cup Jumping Competition, which witnessed the race of young, young adult, adult and adult professional riders. Sarıyer Deputy Mayor Hüseyin Coşkun, İASK President Fevzi Atabek and İBB Council Member Görkem Kurşun were present.

Evaluating the competition, Deputy Secretary General of IMM Murat Yazıcı stated that it was the first time that IMM took part in an organization on equestrianism and said:

“This organization is the first but not the last for us. From now on, we want to develop this cooperation with both the Istanbul Equestrian Club and the equestrian community. As İBB, we want to give more importance to olympic branches. We want to give priority to these branches in both establishment and athlete training. Horse riding is one of them. We're starting off with this competition. We want to develop and increase this cooperation, we want to be together with you in new organizations.”


At the end of the competition, in which the riders participated with horses excluding the age of 4,5 and 6, Burak Azak from IASK finished first in the race and won both the cup and a monetary award of 10 thousand TL. Azak received his trophy from the hands of IMM Deputy Secretary General Murat Yazıcı. Commenting on his performance after the trophy ceremony, Azak said, “My horse performed very well in the first track before the dam. I was very happy with my horse. My horse is a really fast horse and was good on the dam course as well. I entered the track, I did my best, he did his best and we won, I am very happy”.

Osman Şen took the podium in second place in the IMM Cup Jumping Competition, while Özgür Özkan finished the competition in third place. The competition ended with the honor tour of the winners and horses in front of the guests and the stands.

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