KarşıyakaCat Collar Project Comes to Life in Turkey: Sheltered Houses for Pawed Friends

catyaka project is coming to life in karsiyaka sheltered houses for pawed friends
catyaka project is coming to life in karsiyaka sheltered houses for pawed friends

Continuing its works with the aim of creating a more livable city for dear friends, Karşıyaka Municipality is implementing a new project titled “Cat Collar”. With the project to be carried out in cooperation with the municipality and citizens; It is aimed to place sheltered cat houses surrounded by wires in all of the parks in the district.

Karşıyaka The "Cat Collar" project, prepared by the Municipality's Veterinary Affairs Directorate, was introduced to the public at the neighborhood festivals held at a different point in the district every week. Within the scope of the project, which received great interest, the fenced cat houses in 11 parks Karşıyakawill spread to . The houses, which both protect the health and safety of dear friends and aim to prevent environmental pollution, will be placed in 354 more parks in the district. In order to achieve this goal as quickly as possible, Karşıyaka The municipality and philanthropic citizens will join hands.


Citizens or companies who want to contribute to the project, Karşıyaka Municipality will provide the necessary materials for the houses in line with the direction of the Veterinary Affairs Directorate. If the construction of houses Karşıyaka The municipality will undertake the teams and carry out the installation. The names of the contributing citizens will be written on the door of the cat houses as a thank you. In addition, awareness-raising posters on animal care and animal rights will be hung around these nests. The keys of the houses, whose doors will be kept locked, will only be held by volunteer animal lovers and municipal teams. They will also take care of and feed your dear friends.


Stating that they will sign an exemplary project with the cooperation of municipality and citizen, Karşıyaka Mayor Cemil TugayKarşıyakaWe are joining hands with animal lovers in order to spread our wire-enclosed cat houses, which we have placed in 11 different parks in our district, to our district more quickly. We have many citizens who say they want to do something for their dear friends. With our Cat Collar project, we will create a good opportunity for these citizens as well. I sincerely believe that this cooperation will attract a lot of attention and we will put our signature under an exemplary work.”


Karşıyaka Caglayan Inanli, Director of Veterinary Affairs of the Municipality, said:Karşıyaka As Municipality, we are working to offer the best living conditions to our dear friends on the street. In this sense, cat houses surrounded by wires provide many advantages. Since the entrance is controlled, the attendants leave only dry food and water to the cats as needed. It is prevented from leaving food residues on the sides of the houses. In this way, both animal health and the environment are protected. Damage to homes is prevented. Cats can get in and out easily through the spaces under the wires. When we place these houses in all the parks, we will have made an important progress in the nutrition of our cats and ensured order. The contributions of our citizens will also enable us to do this work much faster. Those who want to support can contact us at 0232 324 44 19 / 39.”


Figen Çelikkal, who was the first supporter of the project and helped on behalf of her grandson, said, “My granddaughter loves cats. When I saw the Cat Collar project at the neighborhood festival, I wanted to both leave a permanent and meaningful gift for my grandson when he grows up, and contribute to the project with the awareness of teaching the love of animals to our children from a young age. I can't wait to go feed the cats with my granddaughter when the cat house is built. It is also a delicacy that the home will be named after someone we value. When they grow up, they will also have a sense of belonging to this area; they will take care of the cats in their own park. I was also happy that the beginning will be made with my grandson's name. I hope it sets an example and KarşıyakaResidents equip all the parks with these beautiful cat houses.”

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