Buca Municipality is now a KOZA Member

Buca municipality is now a member of the cocoon
Buca municipality is now a member of the cocoon

📩 05/07/2021 12:24

BUCA Municipality became the third municipality to be included in the Global Literacy Network (KOZA), its prestigious project in the field of ecology education, in cooperation with Yuva Association, which carries out important studies in the field of environment. President Erhan Kılıç signed the protocol for the trainings to be provided by the network that wants to reach every segment with the understanding of "We do harm not because we are selfish, but because we are not aware of it".

Buca Municipality, which has implemented renewable projects for a livable environment, became a member of the Global Literacy Network (KOZA) initiated by Yuva Association. With KOZA, NGOs, civil initiatives and local governments from Turkey and the European Union will join forces in the field of environmental education, and environmental awareness will be created by organizing trainings and advocacy activities for the development of environmental literacy. The project, which aims to expand environmental education by networking local governments as well as non-governmental organizations from Turkey and the European Union, also aims to develop new ideas for the solution of environmental problems.


"Environmental Literacy Communication Network Project, Global Literacy Network (Koza) Memorandum of Understanding" was signed by Buca Municipality Mayor Erhan Kılıç upon the invitation of YUVA. Buca Municipality became the third local government to become a member of the Global Literacy Network, which has 49 members in total.

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