The Harvest of Red Lentil Seeds Distributed to Farmers in the Capital Has Begun

Harvesting of red lentil seeds distributed to farmers in the capital has begun
Harvesting of red lentil seeds distributed to farmers in the capital has begun

📩 22/07/2021 12:05

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to support farmers in many areas from seed distribution to technical training in order to increase domestic production and develop rural development. In line with the request of Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, the harvest of red lentil seeds, which were distributed to farmers in the Capital city for the first time this year, started.

Support to domestic producers continues within the scope of rural development project

Rural development support, initiated by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who said, "My biggest dream is to make the people of Ankara rich," continues to diversify with each passing day. In this context, a total of 675 tons of “Red Lentil Seeds” were distributed to 200 local producers in Şereflikoçhisar, Bala and Haymana districts for the first time this year in order to reduce fallow lands, utilize dry agricultural areas and reduce input costs by encouraging domestic production. Domestic producers, who obtained high yields from their seeds, have now started the harvesting process.

The domestic producer will also win, the capital's economy

For the first time, farmers benefiting from red lentil seed support, of which 90 percent is a grant and 10 percent is farmer's contribution, had the opportunity to obtain quality products by planting their fields thanks to the high value-added red lentil seeds.

The farmers of Haymana, who stated that they were relieved economically thanks to the support, especially during the pandemic process, and that they expected to earn high profits after the harvest, expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

Murat Ozyigit: “We've never seen seed support before. God bless you. Our President Mansur gave us lentils. We planted it, now we are harvesting it. We are very happy. We will sell the lentil and use the plant for animals. It has contributed a lot to us.”

Metin Köşker: “We have benefited from seed support for the first time this year. I bought 300 kilos of red lentil seeds. We planted it on our land, and we separated it as seeds. We will sell the lentils, and since the lentil stalk is very valuable, we sell it separately. A very profitable seed for the farmer is also a seed that does not tire the soil.”

Aaron Acic: “We have never used such a service before. I planted my 100 acres of land. I got 300 kilos of support. Our President provided seed support to both our neighborhood and the surrounding districts, be it cereals or legumes. He helped everyone in this regard, without making any distinctions or looking at their political views. Today we are harvesting, we are happy.”

Adem Gokdemir: “We have benefited from the seed support provided by our municipality. God bless you. This is the first time I have benefited from such support.”

Omer Ozbek: “We planted the seeds we bought for the first time, and now we are harvesting them. We are happy, God bless.”

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