Things to Consider While Buying a Commercial Vehicle

Kia bongo
Kia bongo

Commercial vehicles have become very popular with technological innovations and hardware features in the automotive industry. Unlike passenger cars, these vehicles, which were developed for the purpose of transporting the commercial loads of the users, can also be used as both business and family vehicles.

Commercial vehicles, which are the most important partners of business owners in business life; They also draw attention with their functionality and volume. These vehicles, whose primary purpose is to carry loads, also make a difference with the comfort and safety features they provide to the drivers.

As a result, freight drivers spend most of their time in such vehicles throughout the day. For this reason, driver experience is also considered important in commercial vehicles developed in recent years. Special precautions are taken for cabin comfort and safety. Many details, from console design to seat comfort and ergonomics, are designed for the driver and accompanying passengers to have a comfortable working day.

Especially in such vehicles, the steering wheel that fits well, the controls under the driver's hand and within reach, a spacious cabin and wide viewing angles offer the driver a peaceful environment. However, the concept of commercial vehicle can be confused from time to time. In order to eliminate this confusion, let's open a little more about what a commercial vehicle is called and what to consider when buying a commercial vehicle.

What is a Commercial Vehicle: Robust and Heavy Duty Vehicles

Kia bongo

Motor vehicles whose main purpose is to carry cargo are called commercial vehicles. These types of vehicles are used by traders, cargo and goods carriers, unlike passenger vehicles. In addition, there are closed or open boxes at the back of such vehicles for carrying loads.

Commercial vehicles are classified as commercial or light commercial vehicles according to the amount of cargo they can carry. Therefore, when buying a commercial vehicle, it is very important for what purpose you will use the vehicle.

If you are not going to carry very large loads, you can choose a light commercial vehicle. Therefore, when buying a commercial vehicle, you need to consider the needs of your commercial business. You can evaluate these purposes by considering features such as luggage volume, number of seats and performance.

Commercial vehicles are designed to carry more loads than passenger cars. For this reason, when purchasing commercial vehicles, their performance and the amount of fuel they consume depending on this performance should also be taken into account.

When choosing a commercial vehicle, you should determine your needs in the most accurate way in line with your budget. In addition, the commercial vehicle you will buy has technical features such as navigation and bluetooth that you will need for your business, making your life easier.

In addition, commercial vehicles are exposed to loads such as loading and unloading. For this reason, it is also beneficial that the commercial vehicle you choose should be made of quality materials and be durable. When buying a commercial vehicle, you should also consider long-distance journeys. Therefore, an appropriate cabinet size should also be considered. Apart from this, the safety precautions of commercial vehicles should also be taken into account.

Apart from basic safety features such as front airbags and seat belts, details such as compliance with the legislation and safety standards are also important. We talked about the features that you should pay attention to when choosing a commercial vehicle. Now let's give a commercial vehicle recommendation.

Kia Bongo: Designed for Your Needs

Kia Bongo Designed For Your Needs

Kia Bongo is one of the oldest vehicles of the Kia family. This commercial vehicle, which has been produced since 1980, has transformed and changed over the years. Designed for the needs of commercial users, Bongo; It draws attention with its sufficient load capacity, class-leading engine, braking performance, aerodynamic style and attention to detail for the driver.

Bongo, which is in the pickup truck class, brings a new breath and a unique driving experience to the commercial vehicle segment with its dynamic and powerful design. Standing out with its 1,995 mm height, 1,740 mm width and 1,630 mm chassis width, the Kia Bongo provides great convenience to drivers who spend their days with it.

Offering a 2,5L Diesel engine option, Bongo; With its load-resistant chassis and driving characteristics with high traction, it ensures that loads are transported without any problems. In addition, thanks to its spacious cabin, wide viewing angle, console design and leather seats, it turns travel into pleasure. The rear case cover, which can be opened 90° and 180°, helps to transfer the loads to the vehicle easily.

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