BELTUR Adds Ottoman Cuisine to Historical Mansion Menus

Ottoman cuisine has been added to the historical kosk menus of Beltur.
Ottoman cuisine has been added to the historical kosk menus of Beltur.

BELTUR has renewed the menus of cafes and restaurants in its historical mansions. Selected dishes from Ottoman cuisine were added to the menu.

BELTUR, the gastronomy and tourism subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has updated and enriched the menus of its cafes and restaurants in its historical mansions. He added exclusive products from Ottoman cuisine to the menu. In the enriched menu, products such as cold appetizer plate, spring rolls, gluten-free pasta were included, as well as products such as corn kebab, roasted mushrooms with mountain thyme, sultanas stew with cherries, kiosk kebab, chicken lemon. The menus, in which the rare products of the Ottoman cuisine were added, were thus harmonized with historical places.

In the cafes and restaurants of BELTUR, located in locations such as Emirgan Grove Yellow Mansion, Yıldız Park Malta Mansion, Üsküdar Küçük Çamlıca, Paşalimanı, Gülhane Kandil, products that remind of history and the Ottoman Empire, such as the places in question, will also be offered.


Making a statement about the renewed menus, BELTUR General Manager Cenk Akın said that Istanbul has a vast historical background and said:

“As BELTUR, we have venues serving in mansions that bear witness to this history. We wanted to revive our historical tastes by reminding them again in these places that have witnessed many events from the depths of history. For this reason, we added products from Ottoman cuisine, which can be considered as works of art, to our cafes and restaurants in the mansions. With these products, our guests will feel the historical texture of the spaces better and will be better aware of living in Istanbul.”


Beltur, which aims to develop a gastronomic experience suitable for the historical texture of places such as Malta Mansion, Yellow Kiosk and Tent Mansion, which were used actively during the Ottoman period, also hosts organizations such as weddings, engagements and meetings in these places. In addition, the magnificent forest, nature, Bosphorus and Istanbul views stand out as distinctive features of BELTUR's cafes and restaurants in historical buildings.

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