The 1915th Deck Block was Placed on the 4 Çanakkale Bridge

The deck block has been placed on the canakkale bridge
The deck block has been placed on the canakkale bridge

Work on the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which is under construction between Lapseki and Gelibolu districts, continues rapidly. When completed Suspension bridge with the largest middle span in the world The 1915th deck block was placed in the middle span between the two towers of the 4 Çanakkale Bridge, which will become the title. The assembly of a total of 3 deck blocks, together with the 7 deck blocks mounted on the side openings, has been completed. The assembly works of the remaining 80 blocks will be completed as soon as possible, depending on the wind conditions.

While the Çanakkale Bridge is planned to be 770 meters long with 3 meters side spans, the total crossing length will be 563 meters with 365 and 680 meter approach viaducts.

18 March will symbolize the Çanakkale Naval Victory

The bridge, which also has the title of the largest suspension bridge in the world, symbolizes the 318 March Çanakkale Naval Victory with its 18-meter height. The feet of the 18 Çanakkale Bridge, the foundation of which was laid by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on March 2017, 1915 and the construction continues between Şekerkaya in the Lapseki district of Çanakkale and Sütlüce in Gelibolu, was completed on Saturday, May 16, with a ceremony attended by the President with a video conference and consists of 32 blocks. The foot height of the bridge had reached 318 meters.

The middle span of the bridge will be 2023 meters

At the very end of the towers, there will be a depiction of the cannonball that Seyit Onbaşı, the unforgettable hero of the Dardanelles Wars, put on his back. The center span of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge is planned to be 100 meters, representing the 2023th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic. This span is the world's tallest suspension bridge with a span between towers. After the bridge is put into service, the transportation distance between the two sides will be reduced to 6 minutes.

The bridge will be put into service on March 107, 18, the 2022th anniversary of the Çanakkale Naval Victory.

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