19 Million Lira Investment to Relieve Transportation in Three Districts of İzmir

Million lira investment that will ease transportation in three districts of Izmir
Million lira investment that will ease transportation in three districts of Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is building new road bridges in Menemen, Dikili and Bergama to ease and make safe both vehicle and pedestrian transportation. Projects under construction will cost 19 million liras.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its investments in 30 districts with the aim of increasing the quality of life of the citizens. The Metropolitan Municipality, which took action to ease transportation, make it safe and comfortable in Menemen, Dikili and Bergama, is building three new bridges.

The project was changed so that the trees in Dikili would not be cut down.

Within the scope of three projects, the highway bridge on the 1st Street, which is one of the important transportation axes of Bademli Neighborhood in Dikili, will be renewed and expanded. The construction of the 30-meter-long bridge will begin in the coming days. In order not to damage the trees in the area during the construction of the bridge, the project was revised and one of the bridge piers was shifted 70 cm to the south. Thanks to this change, dozens of fruit trees were saved from being cut down.

Transportation to Bergama will be relieved

The 72-meter-long vehicle bridge, the construction of which started on the Ilıca Stream in the Fevzipaşa District of Bergama, will connect the Fevzipaşa and Islamsaray Districts. Pedestrian and pavement arrangements will be made and the problem of crossing due to the stream will be solved for both pedestrians and vehicles.

It will connect Menemen to plain roads.

The Hasanlar Vehicle Bridge, which was started to be built on the Gediz River in the Hasanlar District of Menemen, will be 83 meters long and will provide access to the plains. Pedestrian and sidewalk arrangements will also be made on the vehicle bridge.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will invest 3 million 19 thousand liras for 154 highway bridges. The Dikili Bademler District 1st Street highway bridge will be put into service at the end of this year, and the bridges in Bergama and Menemen will be put into service at the beginning of 2022.

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