TOGG's Domestic Cockpit Design and Production from Kocaeli

toggun domestic cockpit design and production from Kocaeli
toggun domestic cockpit design and production from Kocaeli

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited Farplas Automotive, which designs and manufactures cockpits for Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG). Noting that Farplas is one of the important domestic suppliers and stakeholders of Turkey's Automobile, Minister Varank said, “TOGG is a project that has captured the transformation of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles in the industry.” said.


Minister Varank made investigations at the Automotive Supply Industry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (TOSB) in Kocaeli. Visiting Farplas Automotive, which produces complex parts based on interior and exterior plastics for automobiles, Varank received information about the work carried out by Fark Holding Senior Manager Ömer Burhanoğlu. During the visit, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, TOSB Chairman of the Board Mehmet Dudaroğlu and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vehicle Supply Industry Association (TAYSAD) Albert Saydam also accompanied Minister Varank. with the workers sohbet Varank made the metal sheet assembly of the fan carrier used in Renault's Megane model.


Varank, in his evaluation after the visit, said that the plastic parts used in the automotive industry were designed and produced at the Farplas factory. Underlining that the design part is one of the most important areas of the automotive industry, Varank said, "When I said Farplas, I had a factory that produces plastic parts in my mind, but today I saw that we are talking about a company that sits with world giant automotive companies and designs the inside of the car." he said.


Emphasizing that the automotive industry is transforming and that domestic suppliers should provide more added value in this transformation, Varank said, “The way to do this is through engineering and design. Here is Farplas, a company that designs an automobile, contributes to its engineering and then manufactures it.” said.


Noting that TOGG is a project that has captured the transformation of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles, Varank said, “Farplas is one of the important stakeholders of this project. Here, I heard from them about their contributions to Turkey's automobile. We want to see the automotive industry in much better places in Turkey.” he said.


Pointing out that they are concerned about how they can export more as Turkey, Varank said: Here, Farplas is one of our important stakeholders in the automotive industry, both in terms of turnover and exports, and with its engineering offices and production facilities in many different parts of the world. I was impressed by his work that could set an example for Turkey in terms of automation and digitalization in production processes. Here, digitalization and automation are fully utilized.


Fark Holding Top Manager Burhanoğlu said that they designed and produced parts such as the control panel, door panels, center console, upper lighting and ventilation units around the driver. Stating that they made the same design for TOGG, Burhanoğlu said, “We designed a brand new model cockpit for them. Apart from that, we are working with TOGG again with different parts such as spoilers, charging point and antenna units on the top. TOGG is not only a vehicle project for us, but also a transformation platform.” said.

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