Modern Pedestrian Overpass to Tarsus

Tarsusa Modern Pedestrian Overpass
Tarsusa Modern Pedestrian Overpass

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is renovating the pedestrian crossing, which has completed its economic life and is located on the side of the Sunay Atilla Overpass on Atatürk Street in Tarsus.

The pedestrian crossing, which has caused complaints of citizens due to the continuous malfunction of the escalator on it for many years, is completely dismantled.

The new overpass will be built with a modern architecture

The dismantling of the pedestrian crossing, which is compulsory for pedestrians due to the passage of the State Railways line under it, but which causes problems due to its lack of ergonomics and the constant failure of the existing escalator, is carried out quickly. After the dismantling is completed, the construction of the pedestrian overpass, which will be aesthetically pleasing and use the latest technology, will begin, on which there are two elevators that can be used both ways, on both sides, and can also be used by individuals with special needs and elderly citizens.

LED lighting and security cameras will also be available.

Serkan Oral, Electrical-Electronics Engineer in charge of the Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department, stated that the overpass became unable to meet the pedestrian traffic over time, and said that they started the renovation works with the guidance of the Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer. Oral said, “It has a total of 4 escalators with both descent and exit from both sides, 2 elevators on both sides, which can be used by our disabled and elderly citizens, 7 meters in height, 4 meters in width, modern architecture, LED We have started the works of the escalator, where we will use the latest technology with illuminated security cameras," he said.

Emphasizing that the duration of the work in question is 150 days, Oral said, "We want to put it into operation in a shorter time if we do not encounter any setbacks."

Günceleme: 16/06/2021 15:41

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