Metro Turkey Launches Online Ordering Service for Private Yachts in Fethiye

metro turkey started online ordering service for private yachts in fethiye
metro turkey started online ordering service for private yachts in fethiye

Metro Turkey, which has been the address of healthy and reliable shopping for 30 years, continues to expand its marina shipping service that it started in 2015. Since last year, it has launched its online ordering service for private yachts at all piers and marinas on the Bodrum peninsula, this time in Fethiye.

With the start of the summer season and the positive developments in the supply of vaccines, tourism regions are expected to reactivate. Offering a reliable shopping experience since 1990, when it started operating in Turkey, Metro Turkey also started to offer special marina shipment services for boat and yacht cruises, this time in Fethiye, following Bodrum.

In this context, Metro Turkey has implemented an online ordering system for yachts at all piers and marinas in Fethiye. Private yacht customers in all marinas, ports and piers around Fethiye and Göcek can benefit from this service of Metro Turkey, which offers one-click ordering to its customers traveling on private yachts via the website. Customers can place an order immediately after entering their phone number on the site and completing the user code and password sent to them. Yachts in all piers and marinas on the Bodrum peninsula will continue to benefit from the online ordering system on the website, as it has been since last year.

More than 5 items are delivered within 24 hours with no delivery charge

Delivery of more than 5 thousand products offered within the scope of the online order service in Fethiye and Bodrum is carried out within 6 hours, 24 days a week, without any price difference or delivery fee. Among these products, many different options are offered, from Metro Premium brand Anzer honey to specially produced olive oil, from butter from Kars region to balsamic vinegar unique to Italy, from shelled mussels to buffalo cheese and from freshly shipped packaged fruits and vegetables to 70 kinds of fish. Along with nearly 100 geographically marked products, both local and imported, organic and gluten-free product range is also among the products within the scope of online order. In addition to food products, the product options that may be needed such as cleaning and personal care products also provide yacht enthusiasts with an uninterrupted blue voyage.

High-level hygiene measures are also taken in shipments.

Metro Turkey, which works meticulously to deliver products in a healthy and reliable manner in marina shipments, as in all its operations, regularly disinfects all vehicles in the delivery process. Metro Turkey presents all the products to be delivered in a hygienic and safe manner by transporting them with dual regime (+4 and -18 C), insulated vehicles and protective equipment at appropriate temperatures.

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