KiteMercedes by Bilge Öztürk Opened Its Doors In Akyaka This Season

kitemercedes by wise ozturk opened its doors in akyaka this season too
kitemercedes by wise ozturk opened its doors in akyaka this season too

📩 10/06/2021 13:12

KiteMercedes by Bilge Öztürk, the kiteboarding school on Akyaka's Akçapınar coast, which Mercedes-Benz has been the name sponsor of since 2016 and started operating in April this year, will continue to meet with kite enthusiasts in the 2021 summer season.

The kiteboard school “KiteMercedes by Bilge Öztürk”, which has been the name sponsor of Mercedes-Benz since 2016 and was established to teach, perform and increase the awareness of kiteboarding, is the favorite of kiteboarders from Turkey and all over the world. opened its doors.

Starting to support kiteboarding with the “Mercedes-Benz Kiteboard European Championship” organized in Bozcaada in 2015, Mercedes-Benz has been the sponsor of the Turkish Football Federation for 25 years and the sponsor of the Turkish Basketball Federation for 20 years.

The school in Akyaka, Muğla, one of Turkey's selected slow cities (Cittaslow) and known as the frequent destination of kiteboarding enthusiasts from all over the world, will be open until November this year.

Education for students of all levels

In the school, where there are expert trainers and national athletes who have instructor certificates (IKO, KB4 and KB5) given by the International and Turkish Sailing Federation, only free-style (aerobatics) of kiteboarding, formula and hydrofoil, which are Olympic disciplines, can only Training is given not only to athletes who do advanced kiteboarding, but also to people with beginner and intermediate knowledge who are interested in this sport. Opened in 2016, the school has hosted approximately 12.000 people so far.

In the "KiteMercedes by Bilge Öztürk" school, the initial basic education is 6 hours. In this training, first of all, wind knowledge, safety and equipment installation; Afterwards, it immediately goes to the water. When the student can control the kite as he wishes, he moves on to the stage of sliding the body in the water using the kite. Afterwards, the training continues with board take-off, controlled driving, and windward driving stages, and basic training is completed in a total of 6 hours. Guests who reach the stage to go to the water on their own can also have the chance to improve themselves with the additional courses and advanced programs they take.

What is a kiteboard?

Kiteboard, which has been developing rapidly in Turkey especially for the last 10 years, was accepted as an Olympic branch in 2019 and included in the 2024 Paris Olympics. ANOC World Beach Games, the first race in which kiteboard took place as an Olympic class, was held in Qatar in 2019, and Bilge Öztürk, the founder of KiteMercedes, competed on behalf of Turkey. Kiteboard, known in Turkish as kitesurfing, provides the user, namely the rider, with the opportunity to move freely on the water with a kite and a board.

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