China Invites Foreign Astronauts on Joint Space Journey

genie invites foreign astronauts to joint space journey
genie invites foreign astronauts to joint space journey

The Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft, successfully launched by China, docked with Tianhe, the core module of the country's space station. Thus began the period of permanent residence of Chinese astronauts in space, which attracted great interest from the international community.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs SözcüWhile answering related questions at the regular press conference, Zhao Lijian said that exploring the universe is the common dream of all humanity. Sözcü Zhao stated that the Chinese government has long developed comprehensive manned space cooperation and contacts with relevant countries in accordance with the principles of peaceful use of space, mutual benefit, equality and common development.

Zhao stated that international cooperation and contacts will be maintained, that the Chinese space station will become a space laboratory serving all humanity, and that they expect Chinese and foreign astronauts to visit the Tiangong Space Station in the near future.

Source: China International Radio

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