Attention to Burning Feeling in Urine in Women!

beware of burning sensation in urination in women
beware of burning sensation in urination in women

Gynecology and Obstetrics Gynecological Cancer Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Mert Göl gave information about the subject. Chocolate cysts are a disease that turns the life of women in reproductive age into a nightmare. Since it is a chronic disease, if treatment is started late, it causes permanent damage to the organs in which it is located.

Deeply located endometriosis manifests itself with many symptoms. It causes many symptoms such as low back pain, unbearable pain in the menstrual cycle, burning urine, anxiety, lack of attention.

It is an insidious disease. Sometimes it is the size of a lentil and makes women's lives a nightmare, sometimes it is the size of a lemon and does not give any symptoms. If there are no symptoms, it may take many years to be diagnosed.

When deep-seated endometriosis is seen outside the uterus, it can even be seen in the urinary tract, intestines and peritoneum. When it settles in the bladder, bloody urine and burning during urination will be seen, and if it causes obstruction in the ureters, the patient may have consequences up to kidney failure.

Endometriosis lesions in the intestines cause severe pain, gas, and abdominal distension during bowel movements.

Anal endometriosis lesions that progress from the peritoneum to the nerves that enter the intestines and bladder wall and cause deterioration of the anatomy are called “deeply located endometriosis”.

As the most important symptoms, pain during menstrual periods and pain during sexual intercourse can reach such dimensions as to impair quality of life. The only treatment for these is surgical operation, as they cause very serious damage to the organs in which they are located.

Laparoscopic surgery or robotic surgery increases the success of surgeries. Thanks to the surgeon's experience, experience and technique, repetition is minimized.

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