Number of Applications in SSI Premium Restructuring Exceeded 2 Million 248 Thousand

The number of applications in the heavy premium configuration exceeded a million thousand
The number of applications in the heavy premium configuration exceeded a million thousand

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, stated that 2 million 248 thousand 894 people have applied for the restructuring of SGK premium debts and that 101 billion 7 million TL debt has been restructured.

Stating that they aim to alleviate the burden on working life actors by restructuring SSI premium debts, Bilgin underlined that the deadline for premium debts to the Social Security Institution within the scope of restructuring is 31 August 2021, and the cash and first installment payment deadline is 1 November 2021, urged citizens to apply as soon as possible so that they can benefit from the advantages and payment facilities offered by the configuration.

Noting that citizens who pay their own premiums, such as Bag-Kur insured and optional insurance holders, can make their restructuring applications via e-government, Bilgin said, “Our citizens who want to apply will be able to apply to SSI Provincial Directorates/Social Security Centers in person or by mail. For the General Health Insurance debts, the application condition will not be sought, all debts within this scope will be automatically restructured.

“A Total of 101 Billion 7 Million TL Debt Restructured”

Stating that 7256 million 2 thousand 248 applications were received within the scope of Law No. 894, which is still in effect before this restructuring, Minister Bilgin said, “A total of 101 billion 7 million TL debt has been restructured. As of 01 June 2021, 14 billion 100 million TL was collected. Those who do not apply for restructuring or whose restructuring is broken will be able to benefit from Law No. 7326”.

Minister Bilgin stated that the SSI premium restructuring, which came into force within the scope of the Law on Restructuring Some Receivables and Amending Some Laws, covers the finalized receivables of 2021/April and before; Insurance premiums, general health insurance premiums, unemployment insurance premiums, administrative fines, recourse receivables arising as a result of work accident or occupational disease, receivables arising from unjustifiably paid income and pensions, and receivables that will arise if the previously suspended service periods of Bag-Kur insured are within the scope of restructuring. stated that it would.

In addition, the late fee and penalty and legal interest of the debts within the scope of the restructuring will be deleted and the debt amounts will be updated with the D-PPI (Domestic Producer Price Index). 90 percent of the D-PPI calculated in cash payments and 2 percent in 50 installments will be deleted. For those who prefer to pay in installments, payments can be made in two monthly periods with 6, 9, 12 and 18 equal payment options. In addition, previously imposed liens can be lifted in proportion to the payments to be made in accordance with this law.

General Health Insurance Debts Also Within the Scope of Restructuring

In the event that those who have GSS premium debts pay their principal debts in full by December 31, 2021, the delay penalty and increase will be deleted. Those who have never had an income test and are found to be unable to pay will have their debts cleared and their premiums will be paid by the state, provided that they have an income test until 30 November 2021.

Debts of Bag-Kur Insured Are Suspended

Bag-Kur insurance holders' terms of services with premium debts before 30.04.2021 are suspended if the debts are not paid. The original premium debts of the claimant Bag-Kur insured regarding the service periods suspended by previous regulations must be updated with the D-PPI and paid over the new amount until 1.11.2021.

It is possible to apply online

Citizens who want to apply will be able to choose one of the online, mail or in person application methods. Applications to be made online can be made through e-Insurance, and applications to be made by hand can be made to SSI Provincial Directorates/Social Security Centers.

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