The 69-Year-old Fenerbahce Ferry Has Been Maintained At The Golden Horn Shipyard

annual historical fenerbahce ferry entered into maintenance at Halic shipyard
annual historical fenerbahce ferry entered into maintenance at Halic shipyard

Fenerbahçe Ferry, one of the largest and most interesting objects of the Rahmi M. Koç Museum, is being renovated. The 2009-year-old ferry, which has been on display at the museum since 69, is one of the symbols of Turkish maritime history. The ferry, which impresses with its huge chimney and wooden parts, anchored on 28 June. The journey of the Fenerbahçe Ferry, which sailed 1.2 nautical miles with the help of a boat to the Golden Horn Shipyard, was the scene of pleasant scenes. The ferry will be able to visit the Rahmi M. Koç Museum after all its operations are completed

Fenerbahce Ferry, which is in the collection of Rahmi M. Koç Museum as one of the important ships of Turkish maritime history and one of the iconic objects of Istanbul, went into maintenance after 10 years. The maintenance and repair works of Fenerbahçe Ferry, which has been one of the most popular visiting areas of the museum since 2009, are being done by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) at the Haliç Shipyard. After the boat is taken to the pool and its needs are determined, underwater sheet metal replacement, painting, propeller removal, maintenance of deck and terrace ground trees, handrail replacement and general maintenance-repair operations will be carried out.

Served for 55 years

Fenerbahce Ferry, together with its wife Dolmabahçe Ferry, was built in Glasgow, Scotland in 1952 at William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton stalls. The ferry, which is a member of the “Garden-type” ferries, was put into service on May 14, 1953 at the Company-i Hayriye (today's Turkish Maritime Organization).

The ferry with a capacity of 2 passengers, which has been traveling between Sirkeci-Adalar-Yalova-Çınarcık for many years, made its last voyage, called the 'Farewell Tour', on 100 December 22. The ferryboat, which has two Sulzer diesel engines, each with 2008 horsepower, and can speed up to 1.500 miles per hour with double propulsion, impresses with its huge chimney and especially its wooden parts.

Nostalgia for adults, fun for kids

Fenerbahce Ferry, exhibited at Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Turkey's first and only industry museum, offers a delightful view of the Golden Horn in a nostalgic atmosphere for adults. On the Fenerbahçe Ferry, children also have a unique experience by visiting Yalvaç Ural's Toy Collection. In addition, temporary exhibitions and museum educational activities are also featured.

Koç: The ferry added value to our museum

The cooperation for the exhibition of the Fenerbahçe Ferry, which was given by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for a period of time, in the museum was also extended. “Renewal and Maintenance Protocol Signing Ceremony” held in front of Fenerbahçe Ferry on 25 June, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu and Rahmi Koç, the founder of the Rahmi M. Koç Museum. Rahmi M. Koç thanked IMM in his speech at the ceremony. Koç said, “Fenerbahçe Ferry added value to our museum. As long as our museum stays here, it will serve our visitors and especially our children and students.” İmamoğlu also thanked Koç for his contributions to the field of museology.

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