16 Tons and 150 Kilos of Drug Raw Materials Seized in Kapikule

tons of drug raw materials were seized in Kapikule
tons of drug raw materials were seized in Kapikule

Acetic anhydride, which was used as a drug raw material weighing 16 tons and 150 kilograms, was seized in two trucks that were found to be able to change plates with a special mechanism during the operation carried out at the Kapıkule Customs Gate by the Ministry of Commerce Customs Enforcement teams.

During the control of the vehicles arriving at the site by the guards at the Kapıkule Customs Gate, it was determined that two trucks, which were declared to carry 20 tons of paper, arrived at the customs gate without a seal. The vehicles were sent to the x-ray scanning device by the personnel who were suspicious of the situation. During the scan made here, suspicious density was found in one of the trucks. The truck taken to the search hangar was checked in detail.

During the inspection, it was determined that there was an electronic mechanism specially placed on the truck's plate, and thanks to this mechanism, the driver could change the plate by pressing a button. Upon this, it was seen that only 8 pieces of the paper load, which should have consisted of 2 pieces, were found in the trailer of the searched truck, and the rest of the trailer was filled with barrels containing chemical liquids.

In the analysis of the chemical substance with a drug and chemical test device, it was determined that it was acetic anhydride type chemical used in drug production. A total of 14 tons and 16 kilos of chemicals in 150 barrels were seized.

In the ongoing searches, it was determined that the other truck, which was checked, was fully loaded with legal cargo, but this truck had the same plate assembly. In the testimony of the vehicle drivers, it was understood that the smugglers only wanted to have the legal load-bearing truck checked as if it were two separate vehicles with two separate license plates, thus the other truck was planned to go out of control.

As a result of the operation, while the two vehicle drivers were taken into custody, the drug raw material was seized as well as the two trucks involved in the incident.

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