19 Percent of IETT Personnel Caught Covid-19 Virus

Percent of iett personnel got covid virus
Percent of iett personnel got covid virus

During the pandemic period, 19 percent of IETT personnel were infected with the Covid-19 virus. 9 of the employees died. Due to the pandemic, IETT personnel remained in quarantine for a total of 10 thousand 71 days, 48 ​​thousand 884 days of work were lost.

The Covid-19 outbreak still continues in Istanbul, as it is all over the world. Apart from the hero healthcare professionals, there are IETT personnel among those who work with great effort to maintain daily life. During this period, IETT drivers, who are in the most contact with the citizens, continue their duties under the threat of virus.

At the very beginning of the epidemic, IETT covered the driver's cabins with a transparent material in all vehicles to protect passengers and drivers. Hand sanitizers were placed in all of the vehicles. It has been ensured that the interiors of the vehicles are also disinfected between flights. All Metrobus stations were regularly disinfected.

Despite all the measures taken, approximately 5 percent of IETT's 744 permanent staff were infected with the Covid-19 virus. 19 IETT employees lost their lives due to the illness. Between March 8 and December 1, 31, IETT personnel spent a total of 2020 thousand 10 days under quarantine due to the virus. The total workforce loss reached 71 thousand 48 days. As of December 884, 31 employees are currently Covid positive and 23 employees are under quarantine. 6 IETT employees use administrative leave because they are in the risk group.

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