Best Model Contest was held in Turkey Final Date Fişekhane

Best Model Contest was held in Turkey Final Date Fişekhane
Best Model Contest was held in Turkey Final Date Fişekhane

A lot has been canceled or postponed events and competitions during this period, 33 were conducted in accordance with the rules pandemic lot of interest in Turkey Best Model Contest Final.

25 female 25 male finalists in the Best Model Turkey Umut Akyürek be on the podium for the night, Morgül Yilmaz and Emre Kaya took the stage.

Presented by Ece Gürsel and Tuğçe Sarıkaya Dağıstan, together with Founding President Erkan Özerman, Almila Nur Özerman, Sait Emir, Muammer Kapucuoglu, Erol Albayrak, Umut Akyürek, Anar Agakishiev, Ahmet Baydar, Turgay Kıran, Güngör Bayrak, Perihan Akı, Mevlüt Grandfather, Dr. Berke Büyükgüral, Hakan Eren, Süleyman Kaya, Cangas Sonku, last year's first Derya Ekşioğlu and Tom Kandemir, 2018 Best Model Turkey Turkan Sultan, 2019 Best Model Turkey Melike alone, passions Drops Aygun and görkem.gürc, Emotion printer, Ugur Turkmen, Wishes Koç Etike, Dr. Ali Kerim Diler, Volkan Gecü, Cafer Andıç and Bengisu Taş attended.

In addition, Best Model Organizing Committee, finalists and jury members made a surprise birthday celebration for Erkan Özerman.

The choreography of the competition was carried out by the famous choreographer Asil Çağıl.

During the night, fifty finalists prepared themselves for the stage by making their hair BlackWhite Cadde Coiffeur and their make-up by Banu Saadet Make-up team.

Female finalists took the stage with the famous fashion designer Erol Albayrak and Gülafer Ataş costumes. Male finalists took their place on the stage with Giotelli elegance. All contestants walked the podium with special designs of OMayo brand.

33. Best Model Turkey won the first place, Melisa İmrak and Oğuzhan Bolat, second place Deniz Çatalbaş and Yekta Baki, third place Sena Küçük and Emre Özcanan kazanthey were.

Best Photomodel Melissa Aslan, Mustafa Saracoglu Best Grace, Merve Yildirim

Best Gentleman: Metehan Onay became.


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